Don’t throw out your old magazines! Surprisingly there are million of crafts you can make with the colorful & glossy pages of old magazines. So if you’ve got a few in your home, turn them into something beautiful! I’ve gathered together some of my favorite projects made out of magazines to get you started. Have fun crafting!

1. DIY Magazine Envelopes

You can create custom envelopes for a birthday or other special occasion cards by using old magazine pages. You’ll need an envelope in the size that you want to make which will serve as the template. Then you just cut out your magazine pages and create the envelope. This is a wonderful way to get some customized envelopes for stationary or anything you want to use them for.

Tutorial/Source: heywandererblog

2. Upcycled Magazine Christmas Trees

My grandmother and I used to make these adorable little Christmas trees from old TV Guides. You can do the same thing with old magazines. You just have to pleat the magazine pages down halfway, which creates a Christmas tree shape when you open the magazine page completely and tape the two cover pages together. Then just paint with whatever colors you want for your decor and you have beautiful little Christmas trees that won’t cost you anything but a little time.

Tutorial/Source: splishsplashsplatterart marthastewart

3. Repurposed Magazine Page Dish

This beautiful dish and its top are both made from magazine pages. This one makes a wonderful gift and one that is so unique. You’ll need some old magazines as well as Mod Podge, a glue gun and a bone folder. The trick is in the coiling and when you’re finished, you are going to absolutely love the look of this unique dish. Oh, and it also has a matching lid so it’s a great candy dish or jewelry holder…whatever you want it to be.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

4. Magazine Page Origami Bookmark

Turn those old magazines into amazing bookmarks using an easy origami technique. This is a great gift idea for anyone who reads and it gives you so much room for customization. Use gardening magazines to create bookmarks for your favorite gardeners or teen magazines for the teenagers in your house. The origami technique is really easy to follow and you get a bookmark that will attach to the corner of the page, so you never lose your place when reading.

Tutorial/Source: thecheesethief

5. Magazine Page Ceramic Tiles

I love the idea of creating my own ceramic tiles using old magazine pages. Imagine the décor that you could create for your home! These are so simple and you can use different pages with different pictures and designs to get a really unique look in any room for that matter. You just attach the magazine page pictures to plain ceramic tile using Mod Podge and you’re all set.

Tutorial/Source: brit

6. Repurposed Magazine Butterfly Chain

To make this gorgeous butterfly chain, just cut magazine pages into almond shapes and then fold. Once you have all your butterflies made, pinch them in the middle and tie them all together. These are so great! They’re really easy to make and would be wonderful as party décor.

Tutorial/Source: dezignable

7. Recycled Magazine Page Mirror

Turn old magazine pages into a beautiful mirror. This one is great for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything or you could hang this one in your own home – you’ll want to because it’s just too fascinating! You make it by rolling magazine pages and using those to create a great sunburst effect. This is definitely going to be a conversation piece!

Tutorial/Source: greenyourdecor

8. Upcycled Magazine Page Goody Bags

If you have a party coming up, these upcycled magazine goody bags are perfect. These would also be great for handing out Halloween candy or just anytime you need a cute little bag to fill with candy. These require some sewing so get your sewing machine ready. They’re so easy to make and I love that they’re recycled with old magazine pages!

Tutorial/Source: babyccinokids

9. DIY Magazine Notebook

This little mini magazine notebook is perfect for keeping in your purse or giving out as a gift. You create the covers from magazine pages and you can fill it with notes or cut up paper. Just fold papers in half, whatever size you want, and then sew them together with yarn. Then create your covers from the pages of your magazines and you’ve got the perfect little notebook for jotting down things on the go.

Tutorial/Source: abeautifulmess

10. Upcycled Magazine Gift Bags

Give yourself a repurposing project for those magazines and save some money when you turn your old magazines into gift bags. Gift bags aren’t terribly expensive, but if you have to purchase several a year, then this little project will help you to save a lot of money. You can also customize your gift bag to your hobby when you make it yourself and this is a really simple project.

Tutorial/Source: lifewithcrazyrachel