By keeping a $10 gift spending limit, shoppers can reduce their overall Christmas spending. Plus by giving eco-friendly or green gifts, shoppers will cut down on the environmental impact of the Christmas season.

Read on for some suggestions of cheap $10 gifts that will appeal to green givers and the eco-friendly folk on any earth-friendly Christmas gift list.

$10 Gift Ideas That Are Earth-Friendly Christmas Presents

Green gifts that cost under $10: the combination seems almost too good to be true. Well, here are some Christmas present ideas for $10 eco gifts. Most are available at major department and grocery stores or local markets.

  • Give a tiffin lunch box—a stackable, metal lunch pale commonly used in India. The two or more tiers of the tiffin stack vertically and the lid doubles as a plate. Rather than taking plastic boxes to work, take a tiffin and save on waste. Look for the best prices in Punjabi markets.
  • Perpetual calendars save paper and can be used for years to come. These calendars come in a wide variety of options: some have removable blocks or cards, others are fabric, and others still are a series of cardboard dials, like the Sukie Perpetual Calendar. This popular tree and tree house design widely is available at online bookstores and makes a pretty green gift that costs only $10.
  • Stainless steel water bottles save on bottled water, reducing plastic and transportation costs. There are inexpensive stainless steel water bottles available for under $10, although some stores sell for more. Try kitchen accessory stores for the best deals.
  • Give a reusable coffee mug as an eco-friendly gift to reduce the number of paper, Styrofoam, and plastic cups thrown away daily. Look in grocery or kitchen stores for good deals on reusable coffee mugs.
  • Cloth napkins and special napkin rings can make a lovely green gift for those who like entertaining. To cut costs on this eco gift, buy the cloth napkins from a home store, then look in thrift shops for good condition, second-hand napkin rings. Arrange the folded napkins in the rings and place in a box or basket for a cheap gift under $10.
  • A green clean kit can be a great eco gift and help out with the necessities in life. Either the combination of eco-friendly dish detergent and a bamboo-fabric dish cloth, or two bottles of environmentally friendly household cleaners will both be well-received $10 gifts that help the environment.
  • Plants enhance air quality and are the ultimate gift for anyone on a Christmas gift list. Give a potted plant such as aloe, jade, or cacti that needs minimal care but still add a fresh greenness to a living area or office desk.

Other Ways To Spend Less This Christmas With Homemade Gifts

Save even more this Christmas by making home Christmas Gift. For example, homemade melt-and-pour soap is a cheap homemade gift that can be given to anyone. Best of all, wrapping three brightly colored soaps in clear plastic or pretty paper will cost under $5 per person. Perfect for anyone who is difficult to shop for, or to keep handy as a last-minute cheap gift.

Making $10 Gifts Extra Special

Often, people enjoy opening gifts just as much as they enjoy what’s inside. To make gifts that cost under $10 extra special, use a nice recycled wrapping paper and tie with real fabric ribbon. Even better, use a piece of fabric to wrap the gift.

When all the gifts have been opened, be sure to save the ribbon for next year and recycle or reuse the paper. Have a happy green and budget-savvy holiday!