Preschool children love making adventure crafts that they can use to pretend to be a pirate or an astronaut. The following three toilet paper roll crafts are made specifically to encourage little boys to engage in dramatic play.

Dramatic play is an essential part of preschool children’s development. They can explore the ideals they are presented on the television and discover truths about themselves and others. Building personal relationships with people outside of their immediate family helps the children become stronger people as they grow. Dramatic play allows for building these relationships through play.

Toilet paper crafts are available to make little boys play pirate, astronaut, pilots or even a fun animal rescuing cartoon character. Learn to make a spyglass, rockets, airplanes, and binoculars.

Pirate Spyglass Craft

  1. To make a spyglass take one toilet paper roll and one paper towel roll and paint them black. If you can find a shiny black that will stay on cardboard tubing, that would be best, however, it is hard to find paint that
  2. Will keep its true color on cardboard.
  3. Cut the paper towel in half. Take one half and bend in the end a little bit. Just barely, this lip inside the roll will hold the toilet paper roll stay inside.
  4. Paint silver rings around the toilet paper roll and paper towel roll to give it the sectional look pirate spyglasses have.
  5. Glue plastic tubing or felt bumper to one end of the toilet paper roll and slide it inside the paper towel roll so that it sticks out but stays inside.
  6. Use the extra half of paper towel roll to make a circle out of plastic wrap. Make sure the circle is slightly bigger than the end of the paper towel roll.
  7. Glue the circle to the end of the paper towel roll section of the spyglass. Your spyglass is complete.

Astronaut Rocket Craft

  1. To make a rocket for the children to run around and pretend to blast off, you must have silver paint, silver or grey construction paper, glue sticks, scissors, one toilet paper roll and one paper towel roll. Paint the two cardboard tubes silver and let them dry.
  2. Cut a triangle out of the construction paper and fold it into a cone, glue the edge so it stays in this shape.
  3. Cut the toilet paper roll into three long triangles to become the fins at the bottom of the rocket.
  4. Glue these to the bottom of the paper towel roll and glue the cone to the top. This is the rocket.
  5. The parts might fall off with continued use. Using super glue or flattening the end of the triangles to make flaps which can be glued to the rocket might make it a little stronger.

Airplane Craft

  1. A toilet paper roll airplane is an easy project for preschool students to create. Paint a toilet paper roll and a tongue depressor silver.
  2. Roll a piece of silver or grey construction paper into a cone and glue the edge so it stays in this shape.
  3. Glue the cone to the end of the toilet paper roll.
  4. Cut two slits into the sides of the toilet paper roll directly across from each other so the tongue depressor will fit through the toilet paper roll.
  5. Cut a small triangle out of the construction paper and glue it to the upper back of the plane or cut out two small triangles and glue these to the sides of the back of the plane. Either way, the rudder finishes the plane.

Animal Rescue Binoculars Craft

  1. To make some binoculars for your preschool students to use for discovering their inner adventurer, you will need two toilet paper rolls, construction paper, glue, tape or thread and a needle, and coloring utensils.
  2. Have the children glue construction paper to the toilet paper rolls and then decorate the construction paper with the coloring utensils.
  3. Once they are satisfied with their designs, take the cardboard tubes and either tape them together from the inside or use the needle and thread to “sew” them together at each end. The sewing will help the binoculars stay together for a longer playtime.
  4. Cut out two circles from plastic wrap in sizes slightly larger than toilet paper roll ends.
  5. Glue these two circles to the front of the children’s binoculars. This finishes the binoculars.

These cardboard tubing toys are fun for children of all ages and can be adjusted for older students. However, there are more mature toilet paper roll projects such as multicultural napkin holders and a complete chess set made of cardboard tubing that the older students might enjoy. Remember, dramatic play crafts are important for emotional growth and self-discovery in the preschool setting.