Handmade clocks are an easy way to add a unique, personalized touch to a home’s decor, or to create a custom-made gift for a friend or family member. Clock kits are available on crafting sites and at craft supply stores.

Read over the instructions on the clock kit carefully to see what is required for the backing or base of the clock. A drill or other tool may be required to insert a hole into the clock’s backing. To make this an eco-friendly project, look for clock bases and backing among unused household items.

1. Antique Books

Using an antique book as a clock base is an easy way to personalize this craft project. Use an old cookbook for a kitchen clock and a vintage fairy tale anthology, comic book, or favorite picture book for a kid’s bedroom.

2. Glass Jars Or Bottles

Drilling a hole through glass requires some extra supplies and research, so make sure to learn how to do this step safely before proceeding. Once the clock mechanism is in place, crafters can fill the glass jar or bottle with items to add some color to the piece. Fill a jar with monochromatic marbles, colored confetti, newspaper, and anything else to add visual interest.

3. Vintage Trivet

Repurpose a decorative cast iron trivet as a clock to use in a kitchen. An ornate black or white trivet clock creates a striking graphic design when hung on a wall.

Platter or Plate. For an interesting dining room timepiece, try creating a clock from a piece of dishware that doesn’t get used often. A plain white platter with black clock numbers (available at craft supply stores) makes for intriguing visual contrast.

4. Teapot

Another piece of dishware that can make an interesting clock is a teapot. Drill a hole in one side of the pot and place the clock mechanism inside for easy camouflage. The variety of teapots available allows this project to work with virtually any home decor, from a traditional Victorian piece to a colorful teapot that looks at home with a funkier design.

5. Puzzle

Use an old puzzle as the backing for a clock. This is a fun way to have kids help out with this project. Utilize puzzle glue to preserve the puzzle prior to attaching the clock kit.

Clock craft projects allow crafters to incorporate personal style into their home decorating. Give one of these clocks as a gift for wedding or baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries or housewarmings.


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