With paper making you can make money almost for free because the main raw material, recycled paper, is abundantly available at no cost. I have been doing this for over a decade and started when I needed cash but had no money to buy craft materials. You may already be making handmade paper, but there is a limit to the number of sheets you can use yourself. Use these ideas to make different craft products to sell or to use as homemade gifts while at the same time contributing to recycling. Always bear in mind that when offering products for sale attractive packaging is very important.

1. Handmade Cards

Creative ways of decorating your cards are without limit. A square of a different colour and/or texture paper can be pasted on top and decorated with an embellishment. Look amongst your scraps or in nature for free embellishments. You can also print pictures on the handmade paper from your computer provided the paper is not too thick or too thin. Packs of three cards and envelopes can be tied together with raffia or a pretty ribbon and packaged as a gift.

Once you become known for your card making you may get orders for wedding invitations and invitations for other special occasions

  • Greeting Cards: Make cards with handmade paper as the base. Paste a slightly smaller sheet of ordinary paper inside for a more finished look. Make a matching envelope, also from handmade paper.
  • Gift Tags: Tear an A4 (typing paper size) sheet of handmade paper into eight and fold each piece in half for gift tags. (One usually tears handmade paper to keep a natural edge.) A pretty paper made with flowers and leaves can be kept plain, or the tags can be decorated with stamps, a dried flower, leaves or other embellishments. Make packets of five tags – a low-cost colleague or teacher’s gift.

2. Handmade Paper Sheets

  • Handmade paper packs: Make up packs of five sheets, all the same or different colours, together with five envelopes, as letter writing paper or for crafting and scrapbooking
  • Card making kits: Make up a kit of five different sheets of handmade paper, five envelopes and a variety of embellishments and paper scraps for decorating the cards. A popular gift for creative people with limited time.

3. More Craft Ideas To Sell

  • Gift Boxes: Cover small solid boxes with handmade paper or make a thick paper to fashion into small boxes. (A pillow box works very well).
  • Note Books: A6 size hardcover notebooks work well for this project. Cover the outside and inside covers with handmade paper (full instructions here). Decorate the front cover.
  • Crafters’ Lucky Packet: Even assorted scraps left over from your own creations can be packaged. This pack is very popular with other crafters for card making and scrapbooking.

4. Develop Your Own Craft Ideas

Start with these ideas and some of the tips on how to color and texture handmade paper. A handmade paper display at a craft market soon leads to orders, especially for personalized invitations. Keep your ears and mind open to customer’s needs, add a dash of your own creativity and you can be on your way to saving and earning with your eco-friendly handmade paper craft.