Have you wondered how can recycle the old buttons into useful things? Top 25 the creative and fun crafts with buttons will help you utilize the old buttons.

1. Button Christmas Trees

These Button Christmas Trees are super easy and fun to make, mainly when you craft with friends. With the easy-to-access materials: some old buttons, straight pins, and a styrofoam cone, you’ll be in for hours of fun and creation! Get the detailed tutorial here.

2. Button Headbands

Are you looking for hair accessories gifts for your daughter? You will be excited with these button headbands!! With the budget $1, you totally can DIY the adorable gift ever!! Get the detailed instruction here

3. Rainbow Button Wind Chime

Since it’s summer days coming and we have plenty of calm winds, it’s time to make something fun and creative! Check out how to make the adorable and easy Rainbow button wind chime here.

4. Button Shoes

How exciting to renew your dull shoes with the new look more creatively! Get directions on how to DIY button shoes here.

5. Candle Holders With Buttons

The beautiful candle holders shine brilliantly through the semi-transparent buttons! You will be surprised about how easy to make it and how gorgeous result! Get more details here.

6. Button Ombre Pumpkin

Fall is the perfect season for DIY crafts! It’s ideal weather, not too hot and not too cold, so you can sit for hours and enjoy making cute and creative crafts. Check out one of the beautiful handcrafts for fall, Button ombre pumpkin here.

7. Simple Buttons Tray Gift

Do you own adorable buttons without using? It’s time to create a lovely gift for your friends, family! The buttons are a mix of easy and vintage ones that will be a perfect gift. They’re all fun and relaxed together, just glued them into a piece of black cardstock. Check out the tutorial  here.

8. Diy Button Ring

It would be crazy and fancy to DIY button rings with big size buttons on it!! Make something fantastic for y our Halloween party outfits here

9. A Unique Bowl Using Old Buttons

Making a fancy button bowl using a balloon and glue sounds crazy but gorgeous item to decor your living room! Turn those piles, bags, drawers, full of old buttons into something beautiful and functional with the easy tutorial here.  

10. DIY Button Belt

Belts are fashion accessories that can renew your boring outfit. You can go matchy-matchy with your favorite pair of shoes with this colorful button belt! Check out the instruction here.

11. Letter Button Art

How wonderful to decor your home with these button letters! A bit more art and vintage to hang it on the wall! Get the detailed tutorial here

12. Buttons Lamp Shade

Button lamp shades are an easy way to spruce up and personalize your room, and with a little bit more of creativity, DIY the gorgeous button lamp shade is enjoyable in relax time. Get the instruction here.

13. Vintage Buttons Necklace

 A beautiful necklace made from old vintage buttons will be the best item for your trendy outfits tonight! Get the details here.

14. Perpetual Button Calendar

It’s super easy to make a calendar by button! There’s nothing better than DIY perpetual calendar put on your desk. Check out the tutorial here.

15. Simple And Cute Button Bookmarks

Do you love reading books? Bookmarks are the essential items! So there’s nothing enjoyable than DIY cute and straightforward button bookmarks. Get the detailed tutorial here.

16. Vibrant Button Tree On Canvas

You must love this vibrant button tree on canvas idea! It’s a beautiful item to hang it on your home! Get the instruction here.

17. Christmas Gift Tags With Buttons

Giving a gift is an act of appreciation and sharing, which shows love and thoughtfulness to the receiver. DIY gift tags also show your heartfelt gratitude on the Christmas holidays! Check out how to DIY the adorable Christmas Gift Tags with Buttons here.

18. DIY Button Bracelet

A bit cool and fancy with these button bracelets made by yourself! Get the detailed tutorial here

19. Framed Button-Filled Wall Art

A great DIY project to decor your home with this beautiful framed button filled wall art design here

20. DIY Button Fridge Magnets

These cute buttons that useless would be made the most straightforward craft project ever.  DIY button fridge magnets use minimal supplies and only take 5 minutes to make. Get the detailed instruction here

21. Fun Frames

You always want to save your memories with memorial pictures hanged on your wall home. Why not DIY fun and gorgeous frames to save your memorial pics?  TheRibbonRetreat or PunkProjects will show you how to make them easily and beautifully.

22. Pretty Gift Bags

Decorating your gift bags with old buttons would be a hilarious idea for you! You have pretty gift bags ever made by your self! Get the detailed tutorial here.

23. T-Shirt Upgrade

Upgrade boring T-shirts with colorful buttons are great!! Renew your family T-shirts with the detailed tutorial here.

24. Bobby Pins

Make little cute things with colorful buttons! Get the detailed tutorial on how to make these adorable bobby pins here

25. Gift Wrapping With Buttons

DIY gift wrapping is super meaningful for both you and the receiver! Check out the tutorial on how to make the adorable button gift wrapping here