You may not be able to afford a total bathroom remodel, but there a few updates you can make to bring that outdated bathroom into the 21st-century.

Maybe your plumbing fixtures have seen better days, and that pink or avocado green tile went out of style fifty years ago. While you can’t afford to hire someone to renovate and you’re not up for complicated DIY projects, there are subtle and inexpensive changes you can make to improve your bathroom.

Create A Color Scheme

If your bathroom tile doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling, you have some wall space to work with. Repaint the bathroom walls a complementary color to the tile to make it look fresh and modern. For example, if you have orange tile, try light blue walls; for pink tile, try chocolate brown, etc. If your tile is white and/or black, the options are limitless. Don’t be afraid of color!

New Textiles Lend Luxury

Textiles cover large surfaces in your bathroom, such as the shower curtain or towels. Buy a new shower curtain. This is an inexpensive move than can make a big statement. Make sure to keep it pulled closed over your shower/tub, especially if the tiles and caulk are stained. Guests will never know!

Buy some new towels. Nothing beats fluffy white hotel-style towels, or add a splash of color that works with your new bathroom color scheme. If all new towels is too much of an investment, just buy a new hand towel or wash cloths and hang them to display. Another option is to try rolling your towels up as is often done at spas and stacking them on a shelf.

Get Organized

Continue your bathroom makeover by adding a few organizing accessories. Glass jars or vases keep your q-tips and cotton balls together and add a nice touch. Invest in a nice glass, porcelain or stainless steel soap pump which looks nicer than seeing the label of the container it came in.