These days, many people sell their beautiful DIY crafts when they realize their financial benefits. Some work as a full-time DIY crafts seller on the Internet. They show up a unique beauty that everyone could be impressed.

Do you want to make crafts yourself? Here we have a list of 27 DIY crafts ideas which are extremely easy but enough to impress people. Besides, most of the supplies to make these crafts are easily found in your local craft store or in the online shopping webs. It only takes less than 1 hour to make each of these below, so you can choose at least one idea to make and sell every day.

1. Gemstone Soap

Is there anything that is greater than relaxing time bathing in a sparkling, beautiful world with a lot of gemstone? Gemstone soaps can help you experience this. They are trendy items with many demands.

Find out how to make this here.

2. Gold Dot Champagne Flutes

No one can say “No” with the invitation to participate in a party with a lot of beautiful champagne flutes. Champagne flutes can be bored, but how about gold dot ones? This item is very financially potential for you to sell.

If you like this, follow this instruction.

3. Clay Jewelry Dishes

You buy your jewelry to become more attractive or simply you like to do this. So we think you are very satisfied with your jewelry beautifully displayed on a dish, a tray or a vintage cup. You can have your own clay jewelry dish and sell them by following this instruction.

4. Figurine Trinket Dishes

An animal figure or a geometric object can help you personalize your jewelry, especially if you think that the dishes above are too simple and are not attractive enough. This will be the perfect touch of gold to the item around the house.

Find it creative and amazing? Click here.

5. Makeup Brush Roll

To everyone, especially women, making themself up plays a significant role. So makeup items like makeup brush, cosmetics are necessary. Makeup brush roll can be used as a gift for any women and teenagers.

Are you ready to start making this? Click here.

6. Galaxy Color Blocked Marble Coasters

Are you bored with simple coasters? Do you want to own a beautiful and impressive one? Your problem can be everyone’s problem, so selling this item will be your right choice.

You can find the instruction easily here.

7. Fresh Greenery Ornaments

The holidays are coming! It is high time to pay attention to decorating items.. People must be very interested with this unique one.

Have this item done right now with this instruction.

8. Mini Spring Succulent Planters

This must be financially potential for you who are aiming at people caring about environment or plants, or even who falls in love with miniscule items. These planters are suitable for parties, meals and so on.

If you like this idea, click here to find out how to make this.

9. Pallet Wood Planter

Fresh flowers are very suitable to decorate with some certain items. A little splurge will help you have some different feelings when staying at your own home. You’d better to sell this in Spring when a lot of flowers grow.

You can find this very easy to make when click here.

10. Geometric Splatter Coasters

Drinking will be much more interesting if we have a beautiful coaster. And we think that geometric splatter ones can provide a supplement to your income.

For those who find it interesting, click here for instruction.

11. Ombre Flower Vases

A house with floral beauty is a great choice, especially in Spring! This is also high time to sell ombre flower vases to make it. Don’t miss this chance, click here!

12. Sugar Scrub Sand Art

Everyone remember the desire to make beautiful sand arts in their childhood memory. You can put sand art to decorate house’s wall, flower vases, anything but how about sugar scrub? Sounds great, right?

To see how easy to make this, click here.

13. Rose Petal Garland Backdrop

What do people want to do in Valentine’s Day? We think that most of us are always dreaming of making a nice dinner at home. So a backdrop full of rose petals will make it more excellent. Its instruction is simple and easy, as well.

14. Gold Leaf Clay Ring Bowl

Gold leaf is often seen on cakes and many decorating items. So how about displaying your rings, especially your wedding rings one a gold leaf clay ring bowl? This will make your wedding party become special.

Let’s get started here.

15. Vertical Plant Hanger

This hanger will be perfect for small spaces but still makes a beautiful display for your potted plant. For those who love vintage style, this should not be missed. So give this instruction a go.

16. Gradient Flower Vases

Seems to be similar with the ombre one above, right? In fact, this is a more colourful version of it. You may want to add more and more colours to the vase and it is totally fine. By clicking here, you can do it yourself.

17. Small Rope Basket

This is a super easy item to make and a lot of people need it for containing pencils, pens, rulers, and so on. With neutral colour tone, this is perfect for minimalism.

By using this instruction, you can see how to make it.

18. Mason Jar Cozies

A mason jar cozy can make everything greater at summertime! This can avoiding being burned by a hot/cold cup of drink, and looks very cute, as well.

See more about how to do this here.

19. Plaster Gem Photo Holder

Gemstone is becoming trendy over time, and how do you think about a photo holder with gemstone below it? Check it out here.

20. Bathtub Caddy

Reading a book, drinking some coffee, or listening to music while bathing is a good idea to relax. A bathtub caddy will be a good assistant.

Don’t hesitate to find out the way to make this if you like it, click here!

21. Tin Punched Votive Candles

Tin-punched votive candles can help people decorate their holiday table very well. And the instruction will show you how easy to make it.

22. Mason Jar Snow Globes

A sweet project for Christmas is coming! It does not take a lot of time and also easy to be made. People are always impressed with sparkle things like this, as well.

Start selling the item right away with this instruction.

23. Sugar Scrub Mini Bottles

These days sugar scrub is a must-have item in the shower time. It’s a great way to moisturize the whole body. And these mini bottles of sugar scrub are very great to be a gift to your mother, sister, girlfriend, and so on.

So let’s see how to do it in 5 minutes.

24. Mini Lip Balm Jars

People cannot cope with dry winter weather without a mini lip balm jar.

Want to make it in 10 minutes? Get the instruction here.

25. Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cups

This can be an impressive decorating items in your house! Are you ready to have it sold-out? This is instruction for you.

26. Air Plant Terrariums

Looking at the picture below, you can find it pretty and delicate. It will also be your customer’s thoughts. So try it out here.

27. Cozy Pom Pom Pillows

These colorful mini pillows will impress your customers in this winter. Click here to start making them.