Summer is coming! You can see people doing a lot of things to preserve their memories. The sunny season is time of natural beauty. You can see the the seashells, the bird feathers, or the flowers. Flowers is what people enjoy in Spring and Summer. Colourful enough to impress people, and beautiful enough to become a symbol of these seasons. Here we have 20 DIY Crafts with Dried & Pressed Flowers.

1. DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

Many people take the phone with them wherever they go. It will be very interesting if we can add some natural look to the electronic gadget with this DIY idea. Check the tutorial here.

2. DIY Pressed Flower Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry these days are becoming actually trendy. You can make your own accessories, totally unique and do not have to worry about somebody wearing the same one with you. This DIY craft does not cost too much, so feel free to see the full tutorial.

3.  DIY Pressed Flower Ornaments

Make your Christmas more special by decorating with these unique ornaments. Add a little bit of summer feelings and see the effects. Find this amazing? You can learn how to make this by clicking here.

4. DIY Handmade Paper With Pressed Flowers

Some of you will stay tired of seeing the same greeting cards and crafts anywhere you go.  Don’t hesitate to try out this idea to make unique ones.

5. DIY Pressed Flower Coaster

Instead of giving someone a bunch of flowers, you can make a unique gift such as this handmade coaster with pressed flower. Can you imagine how great it would be? Get a lot of fun with this amazing tutorial.

6. DIY Pressed Flowers Candles

Light up your summer night with these handmade candles. You party will be a lot amazing. Follow the step by step construction here.

7. DIY Pressed Flowers and Leaves Bookmarks

You want to encourage your kids to read book more often? This handmade bookmark can help you. Full construction here if you find it interesting.

8. DIY Pressed Flowers Monograms

This will be an amazing gifts for people loving monograms. Decorating your home with this kind of craft will make it look a lot more gorgeous. Each kind of flower gives different looks and your family members will have their own monogram. Step by step construction here for you who love this.

9. DIY Pressed Flowers Luminaries

Seeing these mesmerizing handmade luminaries lighted up will make your summer outdoor party become more gorgeous than ever before! If you find this interesting, see how they are done here.

10. DIY Pressed Pansy Coaster

These particularly beautiful handmade coaster with different little pansies can become a gorgeous present for your friends, or unique decorations in your house. Check out how to make this DIY pressed pansy coaster by clicking this.

11. DIY Pressed Flower Pendants

To create a pendant setting, you need to press the flowers and place them behind a glass marble. And then you have a mesmerizing handmade pendant to wear, or give to somebody. Feel free to see the tutorial here.

12. DIY Pressed Flowers Easter Eggs

You may be tired of celebrating Easter traditionally year by year. With these handmade eggs, you will no longer have to look for some other ways to do in this holiday. The tutorial can help you see how they make this.

13. DIY Floral Crown

Every girl dreamed of being a princess when she was a child. So does your daughter. So give this handmade crown to her and she will be a nature queen in her wedding. See how simple it was done here.

14. Pressed Flowers In Glasses

How do you think about this decoration for your house? You cannot imagine how beautiful is these art which was made from pressed flowers. Get the details here.

15. Rose Petal Tea Trays

Serve your gorgeous tea set on this tray and see how perfect it looks. Even better than ones which cost a lot of money. Check the tutorial out and see the way it was made.

16. Pressed Flowers Jewelry Box

You are keen on the DIY ideas about the resin jewelry above, then this jewelry box can match it a lot. This can be a perfect present set for your mother or your girlfriend. See more in here.

17. DIY Pressed Flowers Greeting Cards

Nothing but these cards will bring about both summer look and the satisfaction when having a unique souvenir. If you find this beautiful, why don’t you check out the tutorial?

18. DIY Dried Flowers Manicure

This adorable manicure style will make you look a lot more better in this summer. How about checking the construction for a while?

19. DIY Pressed Flowers Picture Mats

This looks very adorable. See the way it was done here.

20. DIY Pressed Flowers Glass Arts

Full construction can be found here.