Today I’d like to share some easy DIY gift for men that you can make for all the guys in your life.

I’ve heard many people say that they find it difficult to think of gifts to buy for guys. This is true for me as well, especially if I go looking for a gift for my dad. When we think of gifts, we usually think of a specific item to buy. But what do you get for someone who already has everything? Or for someone who you perhaps don’t know that well yet?

They’re easy to make, versatile and can make the perfect gift for just about anyone on any occasion

Below I’ve rounded up some easy DIY gift ideas for men to help you with some inspiration.

And if you’re looking to make a gift for a special someone, remember you can get creative and add whatever you want. My hope is that you can use some of these ideas and personalize it to fit with whoever the lucky guy is. If you do happen to create a handmade gift, let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear how it turned out!

1. Geo Cufflinks

Even though cufflinks are pretty old, they’re an easy little gift you can make for your dad or baby daddy this year. they must have ONE shirt that needs ’em right?! these little babies are so easy to make that I’m posting a whole other cufflink DIY tomorrow!


2. Wooden Bow Tie

It is always so hard to try to think of handmade Christmas presents for the guys in my life. But today’s project is the ultimate gift for a fancy lumberjack… or any guy that wears bow ties. I, unfortunately, don’t know too many guys that will wear bow ties – but you better believe that every single one I know that does wear them will be getting one of these for Christmas this year!


3. Beard Oil

The hair on our guy’s faces needs attention too. And while shampoo, conditioners, and facial cleaners help, a hydrating, all natural beard oil is a fun alternative. I used Grapeseed oil and Vitamin E in this easy beard oil. These are always great to have on hand if you like to make your own skin and hair care products. Add a few of your favorite essential oils (my new favorite is the lime I included in this recipe) and present to your guy. It smells so good you might find yourself using a bit to hydrate the ends of your hair as a refresher!


4. Leather Wallet


I’m still playing catch-up from being gone all weekend so I’m just popping in to share another amazingly simple tutorial that you can use to whip up a gift for Father’s Day!  You can use this as a basic wallet or as a cardholder.

5. BBQ Tool Belt

Give someone who loves BBQ party as the ultimate grilling accessory that will hold all the barbecue essentials.


6. Bolo Tie

This DIY is a perfect gift to make for your dad this Father’s Day! I love how customizable they are. So many fun options for these!


7. Gifts Filled Cozy Slippers

A really cute idea for a gift basket where you don’t actually need a basket.

If you know someone in need of new comfy slippers, why not get them a pair of slippers and fill it up with all kinds of cozy goodies?


8. Man Food in a Jar

This gift jar is stuffed full with tons of man-approved snacks and guilty pleasures.

If you have a sweet tooth in your life, surprise them with a jar filled with all their favorite sweets and treats.


9. Gamer’s Gift Basket

Got a gamer guy in your life? Then this one would be perfect for them.

Fill up your wooden crate with your guy’s favorite snacks, some batteries for his controllers, gift cards, games and whatever else you know he will love.

The awesome tags you see in the image below are all available for download at And if you’re looking to make this for your dad, don’t worry, they have dad-friendly printables for this too!


10. Personalized Wood Burning For Dad

Another great idea for dads who love to cook! I personally think that wood-burning is a lot of fun and you can let out some of your creative juices by coming up with your own personalized design. If you want your dad to be a grill-master, go ahead and try this craft


11. The Handyman Basket

This gift basket is perfect as a housewarming gift for someone who just moved into a new place, or for the guy that is always busy with some kind of project around the house.

Also, ladies, if there’s something you want your guy to fix, this could also be a funny hint/nudge to inform him of the matter!


12. Candy Pop Bottle Gift Set

Get your guy a sweet six pack he’ll love. If he loves sweets that is.

Again, this one is Christmas themed but could easily be changed for any occasion, just play around with the sweets and colors.


13. Gourmet Coffee Lover Gift Set

This gourmet coffee gift set is perfect for Father’s day or as a groomsmen gift, or for any stylish coffee lover in your life. There are also some free Father’s day and groomsmen postcard printables available over at the site.


14. DIY Bar Kit


For the cocktail lover in your life, you can assemble this basket full of cocktailing necessities, complete with a shaker, decanter, coasters and some snacks.

15. For The Likely Host

This would make a great gift for the host of a dinner party if you don’t want to show up empty handed.

You can fill the basket with some bread, cheese, wine and other treats that you know would be perfect at the dinner party.


16. Hand Print Hero

On Father’s Day, I thought it would be fun to throw a little something together to give my hubby from the kids.  I made this for his office and I am so pleased with how it turned out!


17. DIY Wood Grain Flask

I always find it hard to think of a perfect gift for my dad every year. I feel like I have given him everything manly and I am officially running out of ideas. Thankfully, I came across Almost Perfect Sense and they had this great idea to do with a basic flask. This customized wood grain flask will definitely get any dad delighted and if you are feeling generous, you can fill it with his favorite booze too. Brilliant, isn’t it?


18. DIY Father’s Day Keychains

Gather some basic supplies and round your kids up because this is a perfect bonding activity with them to create a simple and cute gift for Father’s Day. With some alphabet wooden beads, split rings and leather jewelry string, you are one step away to making an adorable handmade gift for dad.


19. DIY Tie Rack


Are you looking for a perfect gift for a modern dad? Head on over to Craftaholics Anonymous and follow their easy guide on this rustic DIY Tie Rack. It’s a very simple project perfect for DIY beginners like me. All you need are some basic tools and supplies and you can start building this awesome gift for your dad.

20. Shirt Pocket Sachets

If you’re feeling thrifty and have loads of old shirts, you can still make a simple and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. Time to upcycle! Sadie Seasongoods will teach you the basic of Shirt Pocket Sachets from old shirts.  Fill them with woodsy scented fillers, sew them shut and that’s it. Super simple, I can’t wait to try and make them!