1. Photo Clip Frame Gift Idea

Your bestie’s birthday is coming in two days, and your ideal gift is nowhere to be found? Give this do-it-yourself stuff a try and let’s see how it light up the day.

Not only super cute and take less than 20 mins to make, but it’s also functional and easy to change along with your creativity.

For the tutorial, please click at this link.

2. Farmhouse Mug Holder

We’ve all been there.  The part where there are too many mugs to have yet little space to store. This mug holder appears as the savior in order to save you from the idea of giving it all away.

Want to know the secret? Click here.

3. Super Soft And Cozy Winter Flannel Blanket

Even if it’s 2 weeks or 5 months after Christmas, the winter chill is somehow spread all over the house. Isn’t it true that even in the summer night, we all still gonna find ourselves most cozy curling under a blanket.

This handmade blanket not only whips up your kid’s Christmas but somehow can leave them with the delight that lasts for long.

4. DIY Jewelry Holder

Does jewelry bring joy to your life? Yes. But does it bother you when one in the pair is missing, or get stuck with another one? Also yes!

Pick up some scrap wood, ask your pop for a stapler, some doll pins, cup hooks and glue.

Assembling them according to this quick instruction and you have my word that those little devils are no longer out of your sight.

5. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Life gets hard when people try to modernize thing and suddenly forget the existence of natural beauty. As time goes by, modern cosmetics tend to age people more than keep them young and fresh.

So if you are trying to take a break from those medical contained cosmetics, this post is for you. An A to Z kit to create your own lip balm. No chemicals, no preservatives. Only shea butter, herb oils and your enthusiasm!

6.Leather Cord Keeper

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on this planet who has her earphone tied together after like 3 seconds. All you need to do is collect the right tools, gather some of your favorite color leather and happily enjoy the work. Rubber or plastic bags do keep the cord in order, but they do not prevent it from being dusted.

Leather also helps keep the cord clean and tidy at the same time. A total proof for one-time work and lifetime effect! Make yours now!

7. DIY Farmhouse Coaster

Another quick and go gift for the Season of greetings. This minimal handmade coaster takes you less than 15 mins to finish. Use it for your afternoon cold beer, your morning hot coffee or as long as you feel in the seek of creative art, have it as your wall decoration!

You will find everything you need to get this thing done right at this link. Give it a check!

8. DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Towel

Being in the kitchen is definitely one of the best feelings ever. As a kitchen lover and dedicate mostly my spare time behind the oven, I find myself getting excited when a farmhouse flair tutorial is rendered.

These fabric made kitchen towel is easy to make and even easier to wash or utilize. Check out the tutorial here and create get your hands on the work.

9. DIY Farmer’s Market Tote

Along with the trend of green living-style, the use of plastic bags is gradually excluded from people’s lives. Ergo, housewives feel the urge to bring their own bag to the market for the supermarket.

Cricut Explore is an electronic cutting machine which can be used to create anything you can think of. Check out this DIY stuff to upgrade your game to a whole new level using this dream machine!

10. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Tired of using those derivative store bought mugs? Put that burden away and embark on the challenge of inventing your own style. Pick out the nail polish you have purchased months ago and get started now. You’ll be surprised how those old fashioned things can somehow turn out so modish!

And in case you ran out of last minute gift, this can also be a good option. Become your own mug-stylish here!

11. DIY Marble Tray

To all those who crave for a kick-ass flat-lay photo, this post is for you.

This holy grail amazing homemade stuff did level up the game. Photogenic, easy made with strengthen glue and left-over drawer pulls. Who needs luxury store bought tray when you can literally make it on your own?

This can be utilized for your jewelry photoshoot, your cold-cut platter for a movie night or your lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

Check out the tutorial now!