Let me guess: You’re here because you want to be that oh so cute girlfriend and send your long distance boyfriend a gift that shows just how much you love him. Well girl, you’re at the right place.

No one really understands how hard it is to be in long distance relationship unless they have been in one themselves. You know how important presents are when you and your boyfriend won’t see each other for a long time. That is we have put together a list of best gifts for long distance boyfriend that will warm his heart. Long distance relationships are hard enough and sometimes just a little surprise package here and there can really show your boyfriend how much you’re thinking of him even when you are hundreds of miles away from each other.

These handmade gifts are not expensive at all or have anything of “value” in them BUT they do show that you put effort into thinking about him.These cute long distance relationship gifts and ideas of things to send your long distance boyfriend will strengthen the bond between you and your partner, even when you are miles apart.

Here are 25 inexpensive DIY gifts for long-distance boyfriend that show you care.

1. Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes

Maybe you can’t cook your person dinner or take them out for drinks, but you can make sure they have the tools to produce a tasty snack whenever they want. Pretty much any baked good can be put into mix form and mailed in a jar, but so can things like hot chocolate and mulled wine. If your person is a tea drinker or has a sweet tooth, you’re especially in luck, as candies and dry tea mail exceptionally well. But don’t limit yourself – if it doesn’t involve raw meat or fresh produce, you can probably find a way to package it up!

These homemade shaped sugar cubes would also make a nice and sweet homemade gift for your boyfriend

2. Pillowcase

Sometimes it’s just nice to look around a room and see reminders of your loved ones. Give your sweetie that comfort by making things they can use during the day or just to decorate their space. Things like lovely pillows can be personalized with your own clothes, so they have something to hug when you’re not there. You can paint on it, or put your hand print, or put a cute drawing and split one pillow case each. So, every time they go to bed, it will remind them of you.
You can creates ones with this guide

3. Homemade Candles And Potpourri

Anything that smells nice is always a nice gift. Moreover, it will have a personal touch because you will make them yourself. You can follow this guide to make candles here, and easy steps for making potpourri are here.

4. Homemade Soaps

They are creative and beautiful to look at, also they will be very useful. You can make them yourself so that it reminds them of you when they are them… showering! Learn how to make Honey Oatmeal Handmade soaps here.

5. USB Mixtape

I found this amazing thing while was looking for perfect LDR gifts for my boyfriend. You may send a USB mixtape full of his favorite songs. I’m sure that you have such ones.

6. DIY Tiny Message/ Photo In A Bottle

If you think that your bae will go to the beach and wait there for the magic bottle that you sent him from the other side of the ocean – it’s not going to be so. All that you need is to write a hidden message to your love man and send it through this way

7. A Box Of Love

Do you collect tickets from your joint cinema trips or bracelets for passing to the roller-coaster? Every single item that can remind you of him is like a precious thing that you always put in your heart. YTake a little carton or make it on your own and decorate it with your joint photos. Put there his favorite candies, cookies, your love letters, tickets, messages written on pieces of papers, a little calendar with you first date checked on it, etc. Everything that has a special meaning for the two of you can be put there as well.

View Tutorial Exploding Box for Boyfriend

8. A Love Jar

A romantic jar of love notes. This may remind in your memory all the most awesome moments you’ve ever shared with each other. Write down the first part of the sentences which describe these moments on the little papers and let him accomplish them.

For example: ‘Remember when I was in your t-shirt standing without footwear on the deck full of snow, you said…’ Find a little cute jar and fill it with these memorable papers. He’d be deeply touched with such a sweet gift.

View an example here

9. Necklace With A Map Inside

Even if you’re in different timezones – looking on such a necklace he can always see how close you are! Place the coordinates of your city on his one and sign it with a love words such as: distance no object or I feel you. Whatever signature you come up with he will always wear it.

Source:  BlogLovin’

10. A Wooden Postcard!

If you think that postcards can be only paper – you’re wrong. It also is a wood! This is a creative idea to make your boyfriend fill his shelf space with a new love bagatelle.

Step by step is here

11. A Book Of Your Love

It’s a handmade one. You’ll need a great lot of time to create it. But his reaction is worth doing it. Girls, you’re free to choose the best way of making it. I mean whether it will be made like a story in date order or a fairy-tale with you – it’s absolutely your choice and stretch of the imagination. Think!

An example for you: Here

12. A Keyboard Frame

If you have any old keyboard from a retired PC, it’s time to make it useful (for the last time).

Simply take the buttons out from the keyboard, put them in the right order and glue them in a frame. And you’ll have a DIY wall art that speaks your love message.

Source: Paperplateandplane

13. Love Coupons

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences and memories. If this sounds like your boyfriend, we’ve got something for you.

Click here to download your free love coupon printables. Print it out and turn them into your own love coupon book. We’ve also slip some blank templates in so you can go creative!

14. Love Journal Wall Art

Not everyone has the luck to live with bae in the same place. But it is the bittersweetness that makes long distance relationship so precious.

If you have been or currently in an LDR, this DIY map frame will definitely melt his heart.

15. A Personalized Flower Pot

Who doesn’t love glitters glowing all around his name? This personalized handmade gift is something that he will actually use and shows how much you care.

Check out the detailed tutorial of this easy DIY gift on Cutesy Crafts

16. A Photo Lamp To Light Up The Memories

Can we DIY a gift that is both sentimental and practical?

If you don’t want your handcraft gift to stay in his closet for the rest of the year, this DIY keepsake photo luminaries may worth a try!

17. Handmade Keepsake Photo Ornament

Have you decided what theme your Christmas trees is gonna be this year? If not, why not make it a “sweet-time-together” tree with these cute sweet DIY ornaments?

All you need is some wood discs, hole punch, hot glue or mod podge, and of course photos that you love.

Check out the full tutorial on Simple as that blog for detailed instructions.

18. A Matchbox Advent Calendar

Counting down can be as much fun as celebrating the holidays or special occasions. If you have already planned out your Christmas dates with your Significant Other, why not make an advent calendar so he can reveal a bit of surprise daily?

Source: Momalwaysfindsout

19. A Vintage Gift Box

Looking for a stunning wrapping idea for your love letters or Christmas cards? You will love this DIY gift box from youtuber Johanna.

Watch this tutorial for detailed instructions:

20. A Photo Box

It’s time to gather all your favorite photos and DIY your own gallery in a box.

You can make own ones for you here

21. A Fairy Light Jar

A fairy light jar to brighten up the day of your loved one

And it will definitely make the nights alone less lonely.


22. Paper Roses Made Out From Maps

Distance doesn’t always have to be painful. With miles in between comes a deep and strong connection. These handmade paper flowers will remind both of you why long-distance relationship is worth it.


23. 10 Things I Love About You Scratch Off

This is so easy and cute gift and it absolutely melt his heart!!

Follow this tutorial to create your own scratch off.

24. Turn Your Shirt Into A Pillow

So even when you two are not physically together, your sweetheart can still hug you and feel your warmth.

Follow the DIY instructions here

25. A Sharpie Mug

That says “I love you” over and over again.

Step by step for you to create ones here