Buying any of the items from our holiday gift guides will surely make your BF or Husband happy. But in my experience, the gifts that mean the most are the ones people create only for you. Anyone can open their wallet and buy a nice present. But knowing someone spent their time and love crafting something just for you is truly special.

Below, we’ve gathered the best ones into one big list. These DIY gifts are things that your man will enjoy both making and receiving. Some of these homemade gifts are really easy and inexpensive to make.

There are many more DIY projects and crafts I hope to get to this coming year, and the years after that. So each holiday season we’ll update and republic this list with links to more ideas!

1. DIY Lap Desk

We all know that man love their electronics.  If your BF or husband who loves their laptop, this DIY lap desk would be a great gift for them.


2. DIY Leather Key Chain

If your man is a driver, or even if they carry a house key to school like my BF does, this DIY leather key chain would make a great gift.

You don’t need a specific holiday to express how much you care about the special friend(s) in your life, right? These handmade leather keychains are easy to make that you can customize for your guy. You can make one in under 10 minutes for yourself or a sweetheart, and then make a handful more for your squad!


 3. DIY Copper Pipe IPad Holder

This iPad holder is great for your tablet-loving man. I kind of love it when I get to make a DIY that is for ME and that I need to use on nearly a daily basis.  I promise you this is SO easy. Especially because I did not know all the terms for the pieces and had to bug my husband for the names.


4. Cucumber Mint Aftershave

This cucumber mint aftershave is a great and useful gift for your BF/ husband.

“If I had to choose one thing I do not exactly enjoy as a guy I would have to pick shaving my face. Ok, so I know ladies have it rough too with all the shaving many of them do, but the face is such a sensitive area that can really get irritated quickly. One wrong move to the right, a little too much hacked off the left, and you basically have to shave your facial hair right off. I have been there done that with the whole going into the bathroom with a beard and leaving with a baby face gig.

And my wife basically hates when these sort of things happen!”


5. Beard Oil

The hair on our guy’s faces needs attention too. And while shampoo, conditioners, and facial cleaners help, a hydrating, all natural beard oil is a fun alternative. I used Grape seed oil and Vitamin E as the base in this easy DIY beard oil. These are always great to have on hand if you like to make your own skin and haircare products. Add a few of your favorite essential oils (my new favorite is the lime I included in this recipe) and present to your guy. It smells so good you might find yourself using a bit to hydrate the ends of your hair as a refresher!


6. Wooden Bow Tie

It is always so hard to try to think of handmade presents for the guys in my life. But today’s project is the ultimate gift for a fancy lumberjack… or any guy that wears bow ties. I, unfortunately, don’t know too many guys that will wear bow ties – but you better believe that every single one I know that does wear them will be getting one of these for Christmas this year!


7. Shoe Shine Box

Every man needs a shoe shine box. If you know a gent without one, make him this nifty shine box based off a design from a 1950’s Popular Mechanics article. This shoe shine box is pretty simple.. This

is a cheap and easy project to try. I’ve had several readers send me pics of their finished shoeshine boxes and they all look great.


8. BBQ Tool Belt

Give your husband the ultimate grilling accessory that will hold all the barbecue essentials.


9. Wood And Leather Clutch

After making this no-sew wallet, I have been on a no-sew kick.. so here is another clutch idea for you! This is such a simple project, and so versatile…you should give it a shot.


10. Wooden Rings


A simple and unique gift like this ring maybe is so perfect for your BF. Why you don’t try it?

11. Wooden Triangle Shelves

We had a few requests for the DIY for these wooden triangle shelves back when we posted the Tripod Lamp – so this post is for you if you were wondering how to make your own triangle shelf!

My husband actually made me a couple of these shelves a year or two ago to hang in our bedroom. Our bedroom is still waiting for a new coat of paint, which seems like it’s not going to happen in this lifetime (oh’re throwing off my to-do list!), so, for now, they just float around and are used as props here and there.


12.Wooden Geometric Wine Stopper

If your man loves crystals and gemstones and all minerals really — but when I found this “translucent” clay, I was like HEY I can make crystals. Well, turns out the clay doesn’t look as translucent when it’s not a thin sheet. But it does have a nice gem like finish. They’re not crystal clear like I planned for, but I still like them.


13. Watercolor Mug

Lately, I’ve felt like someone could come in and splash some watercolor patterns all over everything I own and I wouldn’t mind it one bit. Unfortunately, in a few months, I’m sure I would be a bit annoyed with that decision. So I’ve been trying to come up with a few ways to add some faux watercolor splashes around my house. Last week, I was watching my cousin give herself a “watercolor” manicure and I thought, that would be a great technique to use on a mug! So I tried it… and it works!


If you give this cute gift for your man, I am sure that whenever they drink, they will think of you!

14. Terrarium Kit

It would be easy to whip up a whole bunch of these kits if you need a lot of inexpensive, creative gifts. Or wouldn’t they make amazing party/wedding favors? I designed some free printable cards with planting and care instructions for you to download and include in your terrarium kit. The idea will just need to add soil and plants!


15. DIY Wood Grain Flask

I always find it hard to think of a perfect gift for my dad every year. I feel like I have given him everything manly and I am officially running out of ideas. Thankfully, I came across Almost Perfect Sense and they had this great idea to do with a basic flask. This customized wood grain flask will definitely get any dad delighted and if you are feeling generous, you can fill it with his favorite booze too. Brilliant, isn’t it?


If you have some other amazing ideas for your man in your life, plese share below!