These days, everything can become gifts. No except for money. Money is actually given as a present to somebody long time ago, but it seems to be very boring when we use it as a traditional gift. For this reason, here we share with you 20 DIY craft ideas for you who want to give money as a gift in some more creative ways.

1. DIY Money-Rousette

Your kid will be very excited with this money-rousette with the portrait of Andrew Jackson featured at the center. It also looks very great on a package. So why don’t we try making it by following the detailed construction?

2. DIY Money Box Of Chocolates

The Valentine’s Day is coming and you do not know how to make your gift more sneaky and adorable. Forget about tedious traditional box of chocolates, you totally can give your sweetheart this one and we believe that no one can refuse it. If you are looking for the construction to make this, click here and have fun.

3. DIY Money Outfits

Your friends are bound to get married and you need to do something more creative? How about giving these bill folded into clothing as a light-hearted engagement present? The way they’re done is also simple, check it out here.

4. Money Balloons

This is another idea to make your kids happy. Blow the balloons up after placing the money inside them, and then hang them from the ceiling. Can you imagine how surprised your kids will be when they see that gifts? Let’s have fun with full tutorial.

5. DIY Money Christmas Wreath

“What a fantastic gift” is what I can think about this money wreath. It will be very great if you give this for someone as a Christmas present. Get a lot of fun and see the step by step tutorial.

6. DIY Flower Arrangement

This is a adorable gift and you can use it as a gift for a lot of women: your mother, your wife, your friends, or even your daughter! See how it was done here.

7. DIY Money Christmas Tree

If you do not like the wreath above, this money christmas tree might be great present. Check it out full tutorial by clicking here.

8. DIY Money Graduation Cap

For the graduations, money always be a perfect present. But when you do not want to give it traditionally, then roll it up like a tiny diploma. It is very easy, click here!

9. DIY Money Christmas Tree Lot

This handmade tree lot, combined with those little Christmas lights, will be great for a decoration for the party in Christmas night. Just fold the bills easily, and here we have this adorable present. See how to do it here.

10. DIY Tissue Box Surprise

If you do not have too much time to make those handmade items above, this DIY tissue box surprise will help you a lot. See how simple it was done here.

11. DIY Money Origami Butterfly

We do not have to say much about this idea because it is really cute. Check out the tutorial.

12. DIY Money McDonald’s Money Fries

McDonald’s has a lot of fans and your friends or your family members might be some of them. Make this for them, and make your relationship better by clicking here.

13. Help Them Build Their Own Castle

So adorable is it that everyone can relax and play with this. And you can see how simple it was done by click this link.

14. DIY Money Candle Birthday Card

In this list, we have Christmas gift, engagement present, and gift for Valentine’s Day, so how about this unique birthday card? Combined with handmade money candles, you can give this to anyone. Detailed construction here.

15. DIY Money Roses

Every girls like to be given roses. They also like money as a gift. Why don’t you make handmade roses made out of money for your girl? It does not take too much time, click here!

16. DIY Money Soap

Here we have a interesting game for teens: they need to try to wash their hands over and over again in order to take the money. Sounds very great, so why don’t we try it out? Click here.

17. DIY Full Tab Money Box

Another idea for Christmas present. Click here.

18. DIY Mousetrap Money Box

Have fun with this present for a merry Christmas! Click here.

19. Money Crayons

They look very cute and amazing. Check them out here!

20. DIY Money Puzzle

Imagine how hard your kid might be in order to take the money. Get a lot of fun with the construction.


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