With creating interesting DIY photo frame ideas at a dollar store, you can be fear of ruing costly items. It is extremely cheap you just spend about $1 for each frame. Super saving!

Sure, a DIY nightmare will appear when you ruin antique frames or expensive highly detailed frames. However, if you do with a dollar store DIY Photo Frame Designs, you are fine.

Check out 9 below ideas and get designing.

1. Photo Frame Lantern

Just need to have 4 $1 photo frames, hot glue, and some paint, you can get started.  After you have enough supplies, that is the time to turn them into a unique lantern.

Add some candles, you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere for your home. It’s so perfect!

Click here to know more details.

2. Penny Frame

This brings you wonderful touch to fill your home with shimmering luck! With literally only cost your pennies, you can create the lucky penny embellished frame giving your home a chic and shiny new look. Instead of using pennies, you can use buttons, other coinage or something you want.

Here is what you will need.

3. DIY Organizer

A picture frame and some fabric, you can make a really useful DIY Organizer. You can use the project for limitless purposes. You can use this in the laundry room, bathroom, closet, and kitchen. Also, adding magnets to the frame, you can use it on your refrigerator. Evenly, you can add hooks to attach it to the side of your recliner for remote storage. Amazing for the diversified purposes, do you love the idea?

The instruction makes you know more details.  

4. Earring Holder

All the things you need to accomplish the idea is a picture frame, a foot of chiffon, some plastic mesh, and glue. Throwing together, that is enough to create an earring holder easily. Just hang it next to the full profile mirror, or place on a vanity desk, and enjoy it!

You can find the right pair of earrings to go with your outfit perfectly and quickly.

See more to know full of instructions.

5. Wall Collage

Combining a classic picture frame and matting design, you get a beautiful wall collage for your home. A little piece of my family’s story, do you want to do it? It takes an hour to implement.

If you liked the idea, don’t forget to check out here that provides a great guide for you.

6. Mirror Frame Design

It is such an amazing project! It is very simple and easy to custom your wish. Using a cutout letter, picture, emblem, small planter, even a candle holder to a place of the design’s centerpiece.

Read how to create this.

7. DIY Table Signs

If you want to find something classy, inexpensive, and it could be reused, DIY  table signs fit you. You can use the idea to designate tabletop areas. It is so perfect for a yard sale table where you can denote the price of everything on the table. Also, you can choose to forego the sign idea and use these to house photos instead.  

If you like the idea, you can click here to have full of instructions.

8. Picture Frame Wall Decor

Turn some old frames into a beautiful picture frame wall decor, why not? Fabulous! You can wall vases from this! You think it’s so crazy but actually, it is really wonderful after finishing. Using old frames of all sizes, or simply, you can buy a bundle of frames. You can put more effort into the project but the result will make you feel fascinated. How’s that for a wallflower with the seasons freshest flowers?

Lovely idea! Try it to decorate your home more impressively.

9. DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack Using Repurposed Picture Frames

If you have a large herb garden, the project is actually born for you.  With the tiers, you can separate 3 different herbs on the various levels. And, it also makes airflow to ensure the herbs. Dry them quickly and evenly, why don’t you accomplish the idea for your garden? It is a fanstatic!

You don’t have any old frames in your garage to begin? It is okie, drop by a dollar store and get them.  Easy!

You like the useful project, right? Find the full of instructions here, it helps you know what you need.

There are so many ideas you can get started with old frames. Take a trip at any dollar store, get the things you want, jump in and give a try. If you can’t do well for the first time, you just lose $1. Let’s start again and believe, you can make better. Imagine decorating your home more beautiful and more unique, these strong powers make you ready for the new ideas.