Making a holiday gift giving list at the office? Check it twice to make sure that there are green-friendly items included. It’s getting easier to buy eco gifts online and in some retail stores. The lists below will get the shopping started.


Someone need an alarm clock? An Energy-Star certified, RoHS-compliant (lead-free) dual iPhone/iPod alarm clock is available from You can dock both an iPod and an iPhone. Also, the clock has a digital dual alarm clock and FM Stereo.

Green Fragrance

Eco-friendly soaps, body cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners are in abundance at many retailers and online. Soaps can be found made from rose petals, olive oil, peppermint, oatmeal and calendula (marigold).

Brad Pitt co-created Kiehl’s aloe vera body cleanser. The product is billed as the first-ever cradle to cradle certified body product.

Cradle to cradle means using environmentally safe and healthy materials, the product is designed for material reutilization, is made by using renewable energy, is manufactured with efficient use of water and using strategies and processes that are social responsibility.

Green Gifts For The Sports Enthusiasts

Wilson’s sporting goods has recycled-rubber basketball. Think globally, hoop locally is printed on one side. Solar powered pedometers, water-powered clocks, AM/FM crank radios with headphones, and GreenBrella umbrellas for the golf course are all green gift ideas for the sports person in the family.

Green Office Items

Organic Chocolate is always a Favorite

Want to give chocolate this season? Lillie Belle Farms, Whole Foods, and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates all have guilt-free, earth-friendly, organic chocolates. You can buy bonbons, peanut butter cups, fruit-flavored, truffles and chocolate bars – all of which will sweeten anyone’s holiday.

What About The Tree?

Thinking of putting up a holiday tree at the office? Did you know that most artificial trees are made of PVC, which is known as the most toxic, least-recyclable plastic on the earth? Plenty magazine (December-January 2009 issue) recommends buying and using real trees versus the artificial trees for the holidays.

The magazine offers three levels of green: Green – buying fresh cut trees and garlands, Greener – buying fresh cut trees from local organic growers, Greenest – get a live potted tree that can be planted in the yard.

Make the tree even greener by using solar powered string lights, eco-friendly tree skirts, and using either hand-made ornaments or those made from recycled products.

Eco-Gifts Say You Care In More Ways Than One

When gift giving to co-workers, the giving says you care about the receiver. Giving green gifts also says you care about the planet and the environment. And, this year more so than in past holiday seasons, it’s easier than ever to find almost any type of gift as green.