Fantastic Ecological Gifts

Recycled Presents, Eco Presents and Really Good Gifts and Ideas

There are so many ecological gifts on the market today that it can be bewildering when searching for decent eco presents. These eco gift ideas should relieve some of the stress.

Recycle Gift Fashion

Cufflinks make great eco presents for men or women. If you’re buying for a geek, try the stylish circuit board cufflinks that can be found at most online green stores. They make great recycled presents.

For something really special, track down a pair of Mannoman Terracotta cufflinks. They’re made from old brown trousers and netted plastic from discarded potato bags. A truly unique Eco present.

Every decent pair of jeans should be matched by a great belt and one of the best is the Lady Bird Fire Hose belt. It’s a recycle gift that once helped save lives, which is a rare bonus. Available in red or yellow.

Green Gadget Lighting

Outdoor solar fairy lights can bring magic to your garden. These are an ingenious design and make a great eco friendly present. Throughout the day they absorb power through natural light and then turn themselves on when it gets dark enough. No more gardening by moonlight.

For ambient lighting in your bedroom, the Blue Glow Brick is a winner. It also charges itself during the day and works its magic by night. This eco gadget functions using glow-in-the-dark pigment and an outer case of acrylic resin. Perfect for a blue hue when attempting a cool seduction.

Home And Garden Ecological Gifts

The most simple eco present is a herb or vegetable plant – it’s also environmentally friendly to your wallet. Buy some organic seeds, sow them in some organic fertiliser and pass it on. Simple and thoughtful.

If that kind of advanced thinking is unlikely, search out the lovely little Eggling. Massive in Japan, these are little ceramic egg things from which you can grow herbs or flowers or even strawberries. Mums love really good gifts like this.

If you prefer a useful green gadget, try the Dry Log Maker – ideal for anyone who owns an open fire. Basically you stuff this large aluminum tube with junk mail, old tea bags and other papery things. When it’s full, you plunge it and out pops a paper log to be burnt on a fire to keep you warm. Totally eliminates the need to steal trees from your neighbour’s garden.

Home Entertainment – Eco Gift Ideas

Muji do a very fine set of collapsible cardboard speakers. They look stylish, like most of Muji’s understated products, make an eco friendly present and are easy to cart around.

Finally, the Fuel Cell Hydrocar makes a great eco present for any kid… or any man. The kit allows you to actually split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a solar cell. Then you feed it to your miniature boy racer and dream of the day when no vehicle on earth will spew nasty CO2 gases.

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