Preserve The EcoSystem And Give Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Gifts from natural materials make any occasion special. Save the Earth, help the environment by giving green birthday presents & green holiday gifts to family & friends.

Start a new tradition of buying or making green Christmas gifts and birthday presents for family members and friends. Homemade and unique one-of-a kind gifts impress both kids and adults. Why settle for buying another present or toy that’s bound to be forgotten days after the event? Why not choose from thousands of environmentally safe gift ideas? Select gifts of good taste all year ‘round, as well as inspirational and handsome gifts for all occasions that are sure to please a family member, best friend or spouse.

What Are Green Gifts?

Green gifts can be homemade gifts made from recycled materials, a basket of fresh vegetables from the garden, homemade preserves, or baked goods from the heart. Gifts that are green help preserve the environment – not jeopardize natural resources. Energy-saving appliances make great green gifts, as do low-energy and solar energy gadgets. Look for home gift products that use rechargeable batteries and solar energy, too. Don’t forget eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Gifts that are good for the planet are thoughtful, but don’t have to be “practical”. Environment-safe gifts can also be fun. Toys for kids of all ages can be green, too. Safe green toys for children are eco-friendly – free of lead paint and conform to the highest safety standards.

Green Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

What kinds of items make great green gifts? Shown here is a short list of green gift ideas, but the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Green gifts are fun to make and a joy to give. Don’t forget that trips to favorite attractions and gifts of attending classes are great green gift choices, too. There is a double bonus of knowing the present is part of the movement to preserve and protect the Earth’s natural resources.

  • Trip to a botanical gardens
  • Zoo trip or a trip to an aquarium or museum
  • Symphony concert tickets, jazz or rock concert, ballet or opera
  • Special sporting event tickets
  • Cooking class
  • Writing seminar or class
  • Photography class
  • Homemade pies, bread, baked goods or candy
  • Collection of homemade handwritten recipes
  • Freshly canned tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables
  • Homemade salad dressings, vinegar, relishes, pickles, etc.
  • Family album with “old fashioned” photos
  • Music lessons
  • Homemade jewelry from shells or stones
  • The gift of a star (Star Registry website)
  • A family tree ( website)
  • Garden club membership
  • Trip to an antique store
  • Spring flowers and/or fruit trees to plant
  • Garden tools, seeds, and bulbs
  • Hand-crafted items like clothing, quilts, throws, and pillows
  • Carved wooden furniture
  • Home crafted toy boxes* and toys
  • Cedar chest or hope chest

Note about homemade toy boxes: Be sure the lid is supported with safety hinges that prevent the lid from pinching fingers or accidentally closing on top of a child. Hardware stores should carry the hinges, or they can be purchased online from woodworking and hardware sites such as Rockler.

Gifts for a natural living are suitable for any gift-giving occasion and for any age group. Environmentally-friendly gifts can be homemade, organic, hand-crafted, or whatever the giver can create. Gifts can be constructed with recycled materials. Don’t forget gifts as donations to the receiver’s favorite charity, trips to favorite places, or admission to self-help or hobby classes. Have fun giving gifts that require thought and creativity. Green gifts help the Earth and make special memories that can last a lifetime.

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