Tired of buying wrapping paper and contributing to the massive amount of waste that culminates over the holiday season? There are a number of unique gift wrapping ideas that will protect the environment and inspire loved ones to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Let The Creativity Flow

The simple old adage of reduce; reuse and recycle can inspire some very creative and fun ways to wrap gifts.

  • Save up the paper from previous gifts to reuse during the holidays.
  • Always save and reuse the paper bags or gift bags received during birthday celebrations, holidays or when shopping at boutiques.
  • Reuse old scarves, pieces of fabric, organic shopping bags or pretty napkins to creatively wrap holiday gifts.

There are many items that can be saved over the course of a year to use as wrapping paper during celebratory holidays. A little creativity and sense of fun can result in a unique and beautifully wrapped gift.

Artwork On Display

When the kids get busy over the course of a year drawing, coloring and creating artwork take note and save! When the kids decide that they are no longer interested in their old artwork ask them if they can be used during the holidays to wrap gifts. They may be honored and excited to see their handy work used for wrapping a loved one’s gift.

Use old artwork or create new artwork for the purpose of wrapping gifts. Turn this activity into a yearly tradition. Not only will is it good for the environment but it is also a great way to spend time with the kids and have fun doing a family activity.

Put Newspapers To Work

Rather than tossing the weekly paper into the garbage, stockpile it for gift wrapping. The newspaper can be decorated with paint, stickers or glitter to spice it up for use as holiday gift wrap. For a festive touch secure the gift wrap using twine or raffia ribbon.

Purchase Green Or Recycled Wrapping Paper

If gift wrapping paper is a must have tried using recycled gift wrapping paper.

Unique Gift Tags

Gift tags can be created using old holiday cards. Simply cut the card as desired and use a fancy hole punch so that ribbon or twine can be added to secure the tag to the gift.

Wrapping and presenting gifts in a creative and environmentally savvy way is a fun activity that can quickly become a holiday and birthday tradition.