Bonsai Gift Plant – Donald Reinhardt is simple to give something that matters – even if you have little or no money. A gift of time & service is a true, fine gift & there are others here too.

For some there is no or little money. For others there is money, but there are no ideas. When giving a gift two thoughts should be: 1. give a meaningful gift and 2: connect good written words and thoughts with that gift so that it is purposely-directed and well-given. These are two of the most important elements of the gift that often are overlooked in adult-to-adult gift interactions.

Gifts — What Are They And What Do Gifts Symbolize?

A gift is, and always should be, an expression of love and personal investment and each gift should bear your personal signature of input. A gift says three things when given in the right way by the right person to the recipient:

  • You – the one who receives this gift – are in my thoughts
  • You are a worthy and special person
  • This gift is what I thought would be good for you

Modern Day Gifts And Old-Timey Gifts – A Comparison Of Both

In modern society gift-giving has lost a great deal of its meaning. Anyone with the money can purchase gifts today. Compare today’s gifts with gifts from days of old when there were no such things as we have today. And you can decide for yourself whether things are better, worse or the same. How is this so? Think of a few modern gifts that can be purchased at great or high expense – a motorized bike, moped, car, computer, a large or modest-sized TV, a video game system, a deluxe digital camera. Yes, if you have the money, you can buy these very gifts that cannot be handmade or constructed easily except by a unique factory. Yes, no one except those specialized manufacturers can make those gifts.

Old-time gifts include homemade jellies and jams, handcrafted toys and furniture, personal paintings and drawings in handmade frames, handmade quilts, embroidered napkins, handkerchiefs, scarves, mittens, gloves and baked goods ranging from pies, cakes, muffins, and cookies. These things can still be made and done. And some of these gifts are simpler than others to make or do. Nevertheless, these old-time gifts are available today and, in fact, they are the very gifts that may have the most meaning now and well into the future. If you can make a gift, please do that — and start soon. It will likely be a cherished and meaningful gift crafted by your own hands and mind. Below are some simple gifts to buy and give.

12 Different Special Gifts Ideas For $10 To $100 Of Well-Spent Dollars

These are some gifts that are possible and appreciated for their simplicity and thoughtfulness. They are gifts for usefulness or pleasantness. Not all gifts listed here are priced the same everywhere. All gifts from # 4 to 12 can be adjusted down to fit the gift budget.

  1. One simple, pretty houseplant in a nice pot that the recipient does not have to water much and is hard to kill. Choices: aloe (common or variegated), mother-in-law’s tongue plant (Sansevieria), dwarf green ivy or variegated philodendron ($10-$12). A Bonsai plant is a special gift for those who can care for such a plant ($30). Remember the one special gift card to accompany the one wonderful plant!
  2. Two good, comfortable gloves for winter to protect and warm two precious hands ($10-$15).
  3. Three bathroom accessories: a matching bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth ($10-$15).
  4. Four scented candles to spread the good odors of nature inside (4 x $ 5-15 = $20 – $60).
  5. Five music lessons for someone who would love to play an instrument (5 x $20 = $100).
  6. Six CDs of wonderful and liked music (6 x $15 = $90).
  7. Seven books of interest to someone who loves to read (up to $100).
  8. Eight bars of dark chocolate for health and alertness to a “chocoholic” (8 x $5 = $40).
  9. Nine bars of luxury bath and body soaps ( 9 x $8 = $72)
  10. Ten $10 Gift Certificates to use one at a time or all at once (10 x $10 =100).
  11. Eleven movie passes for one who loves the newest movies throughout the year (11 x 9 = $99).
  12. Twelve days of kid-sitting or adult-sitting once a month for the person who needs that help (only travel costs and a very large investment of your valuable time).

These gifts above can be related to the 12 Handmade Christmas Gifts For Your Family All the gift ideas above can be fitted to any season or any gift-giving time including gifts for a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, retirement, or graduation to name just a few of the many possibilities.

12 Simple, Free Gifts To Share Or Give

Here are 12 gifts that are simpler, inexpensive, priceless and often free of any dollar costs. They are 12 gifts for all to cherish and seek and to have and give — life, time, peace, faith, hope, love, joy, caring, sharing, good friends and relatives, and happy memories. Seek ways to give and receive these gifts throughout the year and whenever gift-giving comes to mind. These are gifts that can last for a lifetime.

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