Christmas is an occasion that you show your appreciation with someone you love. Finding the unique Christmas gifts for them can be stressful for you on that big day. We list below 12 meaningful handmade Christmas gifts with easy to make and maybe inspiration Christmas presents for you.

1. Personalized Photo Candles

Nothing more meaningful than giving your family and friends a personalized gift. These personalized photo candles are definitely the best gifts for you to DIY easily and inexpensively. It’s Always Autumn will show you how to make them easily.

2. Personalized Photo Calendar Magnets

Christmas is waiting for the new year and Personalized photo calendar is surely convenient gifts for your friends and family. This idea is really simple, just need you to print out the calendar card with your own photos, and then you have an easy, inexpensive gift for giving your friends or family. Check you the tutorial here.

3. Elf Christmas Mason Jar Gifts

Each Mason jar gifts are totally easy to make and ELF is one of the most favorite symbols in Christmas. The mixture between ELF and Mason jar is the best gift idea for you if you find out something easily and inexpensively. Very simple Mason jars filled with colorful candies and DIY ELF printable tag. Tadaa!! The adorable Christmas gift appears!! Get the tutorial at PolkaDot Chair.

4. Homemade Peppermint Milk Bath

You want to do something special to show your appreciation for all your best friends does. Which one can be better than in relaxing Peppermint Milk Bath? A milk bath has a lot of benefits such as smooth skin, enhance relaxation, sooth skin irritations, minimize aging, etc. Peppermint milk bath is easy to make, just mix together only requires a few ingredients following standard recipes. Check out the instruction in Tidy Mom.

5. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Soap

With only a batch of 10 minutes, an awesome gift would turn out even better than you expected!! Pumpkin Spice Soap has a wonderful scent of autumn for the fall season. You can totally whit up under 10 minutes to make it by your hand. Exploring the instruction in Happiness Is Homemade!!

6. 12 Daytz Of Christmas Printable Kit

Printing out the 12 Daytz of Christmas Printable Kit for your boyfriend or your husband that you guys are excited all year long!! This is the best idea for marrieds to make sure you have a monthly date that happens and is creative. Check out this detailed idea here.

7. Personalized Photo Pendant

Which one can be better than a custom gift for your own friends or your own family? The personalized photo pendant is a beautiful gift to save your family or your friends memories!! Really easy to make, just need to prepare a photo that you wanna personalize, glass tiles, diamond glaze, and something concerns. You can find these on Etsy, Amazon or convenience store, etc. Let’s explore how to make them easily with Sugar Bee Crafts.

8. DIY Drawer Sachets

Keep it simple and elegant!! Do you want a gift which is small, cute and full of amazing scent? Drawer sachets are not bad choice!! No need to sew a single stitch to make them, you still own the fragrant drawer sachets and keep your clothes from smelling musty. With materials are easy to find, just need the square of fabric (they can be whatever size you want to, but don’t make them too big cuz’ they will be hard to fill) and whatever scent you prefer (dried lavender, lavender essential oil, etc). Check out the clearly tutorial here.

9. Whipped Body Butter

Skincare for dry skin is extremely important in the fall season. DIY whipped the body butter for Christmas gift would be the essential item for your friend or even yourself. Nothing easier than to make this remedy for dry skin. Get the detailed tutorial and recipe in Today’s Creative Life.

10. Flannel And Felt Last-Minute Handwarmers

You wanna everyone you love and appreciate has a warm and cozy Christmas? Flannel and Felt Last-Minute hand-warmers that you can mass-produce and leave by the door to ensure all your friends and family have hands warmly as much as their heart warmed. Choose all of Christmas colors that you love for flannel: red, blue, grey, green, etc. and use them for your DIY hand-warmers. Check out the instruction here.

11. DIY Gift Card Holders

Gift Card is an indispensable item on Christmas!! How to make a gift card unique and pretty that is your challenge!! Karen will show you how easy to make them via her video. Check this tutorial in Karen Kavett.

12. DIY Personalized Photo Clock:

Let your boyfriend or your husband be surprised by decorating your home with the clock made by yours!! All of you need is your favorite photo, maybe your wedding, family or even your pets picture, mod podge, clock parts, MDF board, etc. and ready to DIY them following the tutorial here.

We know most of you are probably thinking about gift ideas right now… and we all know how much people love a handmade gift. We hope these Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas we assemble above will be useful for you!!