You have so many wonderful photos on your phone and don’t know how to display them? But now you can turn them into a pretty keepsake or given gifts. Framing photos as gifts is a timeless tradition. Everyone, your families or friends or your lover whoever receive them, will cherish it for many years. Plus, You can make many photo crafts and projects for your decor. Photo decor always makes a strong impression in any decor style.

Here I have gathered some creative DIY photo craft ideas & tutorials for your inspiration. They are ranging from radiant photo lanterns, wood photo collage letters, DIY decorative photo candles,…and more. Most of the crafts are very easy to do with tutorials that you can easily do as well.

1. DIY Decorative Photo Candles

Transfer the photos onto the candles using an embossing gun with a wax paper barrier in between. Inexpensive, easy to put together, and make the easiest gift! See the detailed video tutorial via abeautifulmess.

2. DIY Floral Photo Hoop

This DIY project is a beautiful way to showcase your cherished photos at your wedding. See how to make it via stylemepretty.

3. DIY Photo Ornaments

Personalize the plastic ornaments from the dollar store with your favorite photos inside. This can also be a perfect gift for your love ones. See instructions via thehouseofsmiths.

4. DIY Fridge Magnets Out Of Bottle Caps And Photos

A fun craft that your kids can easily do in less than 30 minutes! This DIY photo fridge magnets will add a dose of custom color and personality to your kitchen. Check out the tutorial via marthastewart.

5. DIY Photo Pendants

Save money and make a simple gift but that will be treasured for years to come with this easy photo pendant! DIY instructions via source.

6. DIY Decorative Photo Letters

Personalize the cardboard letters with vintage photos and it will make a strong impression for your home decor! A super simple and creative way to decor on a budget! See the details via shutterfly.

7. Magic Gift Photo Box

Fill a gift box with photos together and the words you want to say. This is super creative and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. See details and how to make it via source.

8. Gorgeous DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Add some highlight to solid white walls with this DIY photo wall hanging idea! See more via source.

9. DIY Modern Photo Wall Art

Transform your favorite photo into a unique art gift idea with Mod Podge. You just need paint and use a wood block to complete this craft. Learn more details and tutorial via source.

10. DIY Cityscape Photo Luminaries

What a gorgeous way to light up your room with style! Do you want to make one for your room? Check out the DIY instructions via source.

11. DIY Personalized Photo Gifts

I will introduce another unique and creative way to make personalized photo gifts. I’m sure your family and friends or whoever received them cherish for many years. Learn about the tutorial via ehow.

12. Photo Transferred Wood Slice Art

Transfer the arty photo into a piece of the wood slice and it will add more rustic warm to your decor or you can also use it as a personalized given gift. See the simple DIY steps via ehow.

13. LEGO Picture Puzzles

Customize the simple LEGO pieces with photos is such a creative idea! These are so fun for kids of any ages! Learn about the details via icanteachmychild.

14. DIY Photo Lampshade

Make this adorable photo lampshade with vintage photos from your own childhood! Easy and fun to create! This is such a great way to light up the room with memorable memories and display a piece of the past. Tutorial via whosaidcrafts.

15. Photo Puzzle Blocks

These photo puzzle blocks serve as a great visual reminder of the one you love. Amazing DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and any occasions. See the steps via ehow.

16. DIY Picture Vase From A PVC Pipe

Make a unique vase as a gift for Mother’s Day with your memorable photos and PVC pipes like this one! See the steps to make it via source.

17. Personalized Photo Frame Wreath

Photo craft is a timeless tradition for DIY home decor! Considering making this personalized photo frame wreath with the following instructions via source.

18. DIY Photo Clock

Family and friends are sure to cherish it for many years if you will make this as a DIY gift for them. See the details via source.

19. DIY Mini Magnets

DIY Mini magnets! This is really a perfect and heart warm gift for anyone you love! See the DIY tutorial via sundaesins.

20. DIY Picture Frame Mason Jar

Mix pictures and mason jars and create this lovely DIY craft! You can use it as a decor piece in your home, or it can also be a great gift idea! Get the DIY instructions via source.

21. DIY Photo Calendar With Printable Pages

Today’s project is a sweet little DIY gift you can pull together for just a few dollars: a mini photo calendar. Just print out the calendar pages, personalize them with favorite photos, and you have an easy, inexpensive handmade gift perfect for dad, mom, the grandparents, or anyone! Steal your best friend’s kids for a quick photoshoot, then surprise her with a mini calendar using the photos. Or make more generic sets using scenic photos for coworkers or neighbors. The modern calendar design fits into any decor and makes a classy looking gift. Find the download at the end of the post.

Tutorial: It’s Always Autumn

22. DIY Photo Display And Printable with Shanty 2 Chic

I love photo gifts!  This is a super easy, cheap and creative way to display photos. Via

23. Upcycled Mason Jar Photo Lid Magnets

I saw some magnet photo frames using baby jar lids, and that’s when the inspiration struck – why not upcycle those leftover mason jar lids as some cute little magnet photo frames? Adorable! And best of all, super easy!

You can make for your own here

24. DIY Pallet Photo Frames With Mod Podge

If you’re like me you have approximately 1.4 million digital images stored somewhere that have never seen the light of day. And it’s a shame really, isn’t it? These DIY Pallet Photo Frames will have you printing out those digital images in no time flat!

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25. Transferring Photos To Canvas

About the time my kids were toddlers, I made a decision to use photos (of them, naturally) as the main “art” in my home. On top of the photos I take, I’ve also had a photographer take portraits of my kids every few years. I love having their smiling faces all around me, but I’d love it even more if I had BIG photos of my kids everywhere! Until now, that is.

26. Turn Old Bottles Into Picture Frames

Show off your favorite shots in a decorative bottle adorned with seashells, beach sand and trinkets is an amazing and simple project!


27. DIY Inspiration And Mood Board

I used to have folders for different things that inspired me. With an overwhelming amount of inspiration coming at you all the time, mood boards are the perfect way to hone in on a specific feel, and display snippets of inspiration.

I tend to be an inspiration hoarder, so I decided to put it to use! This DIY project displays imagery, text, and a few favorite memories in one place, without all of the clutter. I’m excited to show you how to make your own!


28. Build A Photo Garden For Babies And Toddlers

I love the flowers! Unfortunately, I cannot keep actual flowers alive, so I really enjoy doing flower crafts & activities during the Spring with my kids using paper!

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29. DIY Wood And Wire Art Display

This is another one of those super simple DIY projects that can make a big impact on a room. You do not need many items to make this & it’s very customizable to fit your space & your style. I love these wire art displays so much because there isn’t much commitment! You can switch out the art as often as you want & display photos, instagrams, children’s artwork, the possibilities are endless!

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30. DIY Photo Clipboards

Are you searching for an unique way to display your favorite photos? Learn how to make these DIY Photo Clipboards to show off those gorgeous photo! You can also collect them together to create a fun gallery wall!