Redesign Your Home For The Life You Have Now.

Living in a small living space requires creativity to ensure that you enjoy each area of your home. Searching out solutions create your personal home makeover.

Home is where you should feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Cluttered environments that do not flow well, can be improved. You may live in a condo, apartment complex, small home, or even in a basement apartment. Here are some tips to help you create a cozy living space.

Small Living Space

How much living space do you really have in each area of your home? There may be wasted corners, unused storage areas, and no form of planned home organization. Planning your storage spaces can free up the walking space in your home, make your closest functional, and create more space to be productive at home. Small home organization improvements can be any type of storage that takes advantage of unused space. This could begin by adding a double or triple rack in your closet for hanging additional clothes. The empty space in your closet could now be used for a home office or homework area.


Are there pieces of furniture in your home that do not fit your current living space? You may be using an oversized couch. This piece of furniture may take up one to two feet of extra space on each side. Begin your search for smaller-scale furniture. This idea works well with bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and dining tables. Let go of furniture that reminds you of a painful period in your life. This time frame could be from your college years or a failed marriage. Redesign your home in furniture that you love. Choose colors and tones that feel soothing.

Home Makeovers

If you are improving the functionality of your home yourself,it may be more than a one weekend project. It is a good idea to take one room or living area at a time. Plan what improvements you are going to make, write down the changes, and seek professional help when it exceeds your expertise. A professional may be able to quickly install large book cases, mount a flat screen television, or install new horizontal or vertical shelving. Try to complete one living space, before moving on to another room. Being in the middle of several different home improvement projects may create an atmosphere of chaos in your house.

Take out time to think about what changes you can make during your home makeover. Change furniture that is the incorrect scale, get rid of furniture that reminds you of a painful event, and ask for professional help if you need it. Use these tips to help create a home makeover for your small living space.