Tips For More Storage And Organization

Many homes with growing families are faced with the pressure of always needing more space. You can change how you store items, and the layout of your home to create space

Many homes with growing families are faced with the pressure of always needing more space. When you moved in the house may have seemed spacious and was clutter free. You can take steps give the illusion of having more space in your home or apartment.


Is the floor in all of your rooms clear? Is there clear walkway in every room? Is the center of every room completely uncluttered? Do you have storage containers or piles of stuff in any part of the room on the floor? Find a storage solution for everything that is on the floor. If there is absolutely no storage space in the closet after you have cleaned and removed any clutter in it, think up. You can create a storage unit that will store items up off of the floor.

Choose a storage unit that has thin metal vertical support slats. This allows you to build shelves and slide in premade metal or wicker baskets. This storage unit can go over a desk or on a blank wall. If the sight of the organized items bothers you, place an elegant curtain that covers the length from the ceiling to the floor. This can be hung inexpensively from the ceiling with hanging wall hooks.


Is there excess furniture that you can move to another room or to a storage area? Perhaps you are using large pieces of furniture with a poor functioning purpose. For example maybe you have large dresser that not being used for storage, and the Television sits on top. Your television can easily be mounted on the wall. That dresser could be moved to an area of the home that has space and can be used to actually store house hold items such as linens or excess dishes.

Feng Shui

Consider moving the furniture. There may be a better functional layout for you to try. For example your living room may seem cramped and crowded. You may be able to turn some items at an angle, to create a wide path to walk through. You can use feng shui principles to adjust the layout of all rooms of your home. This can help a home with lots of things to have less visual business.

Creating a home that you can easily walk through and that has open spaces can help you to feel calm when you are indoors. Opening up your floor plan, by storing things up, or out of site can create a sense of calm. Having large amounts of items left out visually in the open unorganized can cause your home to feel cramped and uninviting. Use these tips to help your home become as calming as possible.