Hats are a great way to add variety and pizzazz to your wardrobe. However, hats are one of the more difficult items to store. Berets, stocking caps, and other floppy hats can be packed away or hung on hooks. But shaped hats need support and room. No one wants to spend fifty dollars on a formed hat to have it crushed in the closet. A better idea is to incorporate hats into your décor by making your own hat stands for displaying them in your bedroom or around the house. Hat stands are easy to make and remarkably inexpensive.

Shop For Supplies

Make a trip to the thrift store to find your supplies. You will need to find two types of objects to assemble a hat stand. The first object is the base. The base will need to be stable and not easily tipped. Select objects that have wide bases or are heavy enough to stay balanced. Candlesticks, lamp bases, pepper mills are all good ideas for bases.

The second object you will buy will be used to provide support for the hat. The easiest, and perhaps cheapest, objects to use are bowls. Select bowls with interesting shapes that will fit inside your hats and support the crown and brim as necessary. However, do not be afraid to think outside of the box. A potato masher fastened handle side down to a wooden block base can make an excellent support and stand for a hat.


  • objects for a base for your hat stands
  • objects for the hat supports on your hat stands
  • favorite heavy duty adhesive


  1. Use your adhesive to glue the hat support to your base. Most heavy-duty adhesives work best if clamped and allowed to cure for at least twenty-four hours. It works well to stack some heavy cans of food or books on top of the hat support (if the dome of the support isn’t too slippery) to provide the clamping action to hold the two pieces together.
  2. Once the adhesive is dry, the hat stand is ready to use.

Ideas And Suggestions

  • Stagger the height of the bases. Staggering the height will allow you to place the stands closer together creating more room for your hats.
  • Use various size items for the hat supports. The shape of some hats will lend themselves well to wide shallow bowls while others will work better on narrow deep bowls.
  • If you are unwilling to commit to permanent bases, make some temporary ones out of objects around the house. A candle stick and one of your cereal bowls can be glued together with a hot glue gun and used until you can decide if you like the idea. To separate the two items and return them to their original purpose simply heat the glue and pull them apart.
  • Have fun. Quirky shapes and colors will make your hat display much more interesting.
  • If you don’t like the color of a base or support but like the shape of it, spray paint is a great way to fix the problem.


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