Making a rosary may prove to be tons of fun. You can even try having a party to make rosaries. This procedure will teach you how to make a chain rosary, which is the most popular of rosaries. You will just need a few items such as rosary pliers (different from needle nose pliers) and beads.

Rosary Beads

Start by bringing your materials together: a crucifix and center, 59 beads, eye pins, 1 large jump ring, 3 small jump rings and 14 lengths of cut chain. First, open the large jump ring, attach your crucifix and then leave it open for the next step. Add a length of chain to the ring and then close it. Build your center by attaching 3 jump rings to the side of the center. Add a length of chain to each and then close the rings.

Next, take the chain attached to the crucifix and at a Pater bead. Open the opposite end of the eye pin and add a length of chain. Link 3 Ave beads together and then add a length of chain. Add a length of chain to the eye pin on your third ave bead. Turn the rosary around and open the first eye pin so you can attach it to the chain of the Our Father bead.

Rosary Mysteries

Set four Pater beads aside while you make your ‘decades’. Each decade consists of 10 Hail Mary beads separated by a chain that is attached to the Pater beads. Once you’ve finished your first decade, attach it to the top of the center. Complete four more decades, separated by a Pater. After the last decade, do not use a Pater as you will need to attach to the opposite side of the center.

Sunday School Craft Idea

And that’s it! Not easy, but not terribly difficult either. If you have some time, patience and creativity, you too can make a wonderful rosary. So, now what to do with it? Well, you can start by having it blessed by a priest. And then you might consider giving it away as a gift. It is good for occasions like First Communion or Confirmation.

It also makes a wonderful craft idea for Sunday classes. Granted, you might need to keep it exclusive to the older kids because of the difficulty level. The same goes for your church youth group. Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to make a beautiful rosary!