Recycle old cutlery to make Custom Lighting for your home.

Grandma’s old silver need no longer languish at the back of the cupboard. Your college cutlery need not be hauled to Goodwill. You need not feel guilty about buying new silverware because your old silverware doesn’t match. Recycle your old silverware to make a distinctive lamp for your kitchen or dining room. This project will satisfy the need to be green, to own something new and to have a bit of whimsy in your life.


  • Lamp with sturdy wire shade support
  • Old silverware
  • Drill
  • Titanium drill bit
  • S-hooks
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Scrap lumber


  1. Remove excess material from lamp such as unwanted shade material.
  2. Hold the silverware down on the piece of scrap lumber.
  3. Use a drill to drill holes through one end of your silverware.
  4. Use the S-hooks to hang the silverware from the shade support.

Ideas And Suggestions

  • To prevent the drill bit from sliding all over the surface of your utensil, use a nail and hammer to tap a small indentation where you wish to drill the hole. Then, when you drill, set the bit firmly into your indentation and drill the hole.
  • This would be a great way to show off the heirloom or vintage silverware that you inherited but never use.
  • If the silverware is silver, keep it polished for a classier look or let it tarnish for a more shabby chic or country style look.
  • The look of this project can vary immensely based on the cutlery used and the base used. Commercial flatware with a stainless steal base will create a more industrial look while antique silverware with a milk glass base would be romantic and nostalgic.
  • If you working with silverware that has a beautiful or unique pattern, take time to consider the best place for drilling to avoid ruining the pattern.
  • If you do not have silverware suitable for this project, go to thrift stores, garage sales, or rummage sales and collect mismatched silverware for the lamp or go to a Dollar Store and buy inexpensive cutlery for the project.
  • If you buy a second-hand lamp for the project, make sure to test the lamp to make sure it works before beginning your modification. If it doesn’t work, return it to where you bought it or take it to the local hardware store for rewiring.

Warnings And Precautions

  • Wear eye protection while drilling.
  • Do not let go of the silverware while drilling through it; if you do the spinning silverware could harm you, those around you, or your furniture if you are working in the house.
  • Remember to reverse your drill direction when removing the drill from the cutlery.


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