20+ Easy Mason Jar Gift Ideas

How to make the unique and adorable gift with only the Mason Jars? If you’re looking for creative things and easy to DIY Mason jar crafts are the best genius idea for you.

To help you find an easy way to décor your home, we assemble 28 Mason jar gift ideas. Here are a few ideas we want to introduce to you.

1. The Gorgeous Mason Jar Terrarium


It would be a beautiful gift for you if you love décor your home in a natural way. The Mason jar terrariums are pretty easy to make and personalize depending on your tastes. Get detailed instructions on BHG

2. Infused Sugar In A Jar


The mixture of citrus and lavender sugar will be the necessary thing in your cookie recipe or your coffee. It can also be used to mix a cocktail or another delicious drink. Elegant, impressive and convenient, infused sugar in a Mason jar would be the meaningful gift for you. Sugar and Charm will show you how to do it.

3. Holiday Gumdrop Pops In A Jar


With only gumdrops and candies in the creative ways, a colorful holiday display would be an adorable highlight in your home. Surely your kids would love these cute jars. Check out the tutorial for instructions.

4. DIY Chai Candles In Canning Jars


Candles are the best way to décor your home warmly. Chai candles in canning jars are stunning and elegant with the delicate scent would be the best gift for your home. Get the detailed instruction to DIY them here.


5. Sewing Kit In A Jar

Your friends love sewing? Filling a jar with a few safe pins, needles, a small scissors, etc., Mason jar will become a new sewing kit gift for yours. Check out the instructions on Martha Stewart


6. DIY Mint Sugar Scrub | Love Grows Wild

If you want to try making your own beauty products, a homemade mint sugar scrub that turned out your idea. The delicate gift with the fantastic smells and easy to make would be the recommended gift idea for you. Liz Fourez will show you how to DIY them.


7. Pampering Mason Jar DIY | The Socialite’s Closet

Putting anything you want in the Mason jar. ‘Pamper’ is the keyword of this gift. Creating a pampering gifts jars is really simple and easy. Check out the sample tutorial here.


8. DIY Mason Jar Hanging Garden | McCutcheon’s Blog

A great craft idea with Mason jars here. Creating your imaginary spring in your home, McCutcheon’s Blog will show you the simple way to make them.


9. DIY Fairy Jar | Mom Dot

Can’t wait to DIY your own sparking Fairy jar!! Exploring with the amazing colors and showing the fairy in your eyes, Mom Dot will show you how to DIY them easily.


10. Snowy Mason Jar Winter Candle Craft

Creating snow-covered Mason Jars with the warm candle will be perfect for decorating your holiday season table or porch. Check out how to make them here.


11. Snowman Gift Idea

Turning out the adorable snowman jars in the holiday. Easy to DIY and surely your kids love to help you make it together. The tutorial here.


12. Mickey And Minnie Mouse Mason Jar Money Banks

Surely if you’re a Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s fan, you definitely make your own Mickey and Minnie Mason jars to décor your money bank jar. Get the instruction here.


13. DIY Piggy Bank

Teaching your children about saving money and stimulating their creativity, let them paint their own piggy bank by Mason jars!! Easy to make and safe for your kids. Review how to make it here


14. Beach-Inspired Mason Jar

Looking for the beach summer days in your own home? The beach-inspired Mason jar is the perfect highlight for your bedroom, porch or bathroom. Check out the awesome tutorial in It All Started With Paint.


15. Mason Jars With A Splash Of Glam

If you love glitter and sparking, a Mason jars with a splash of glam will be the best choice for you. Easy to DIY and make your home is sparkle and more attrative than. Get the detailed instruction here,


16. Chia Jam Overnight Oats In A Jar

The cool weather,  overnight oats is the best idea for your breakfast. Enjoy these tasty oats combined with strawberries, chia seeds, etc. Check out the instruction in Blissful Basil.


17. Mason Jar Carrot Noodle Salad

If you find out the fantastic lunch healthy, veggies and delectable, Mason jar carrot noodle salad will be the best choice for you. Check out the recipe and the instructions here.


18. Mason Jar Snack Pack

Keeping it healthy by preparing the healthy snack in jar for you and even your kids!! Easy to grab snacks in your fridge when snack time comes by fill whole necessary snack foods in mason jars. Get the recipe here.


19. Hot Chocolate In A Jar With A Free Printable Tag

The sweet gift idea with Hot Chocolate in a Mason jar. Check out the recipe and instructions here.


20. Cowgirl Cookies

Yummy, colorful and adorable with Cowgirl cookies in a jar!! Recommended for you on party, picnic or even snack time if you love cookies. Check out the adorable gift idea tutorial here.


21. Holiday Pie Trifle Mason Jar Gifts

The easy to make dessert on holiday, Holiday pie trifle Mason jar would be the creative handmade Christmas gift for your friend. The instruction here.


22. Holiday Gingerbread M&Ms Cookie Mix Jar Gift

Gingerbread is one of the symbols on Christmas. Make Gingerbread Cookie Mix Jar will be the best choice for Christmas gifts. Get the detailed instruction here.


23. Play Dough Mason Jar Party Favor

Decor your party with Dough Mason jar, what you need to do is choose the party theme and make the Mason Jar follow that theme. Check out the sample tutorial here.


24. Mason Jar Pineapple

Yellow, brighten and pineapple!! It’s definitely cute and beautiful gifts for your teacher. Easy to DIY here.


25. Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Make your home unique, vintage and warmly with oil lamp in Mason jar. Easy to make and you will own the truly mason jar centerpieces. A Piece Of Rainbow will show you the way to DIY them.


26. Lace Mason Jar Vase

This stunning and chic Mason Jar gift idea is the unique holiday gifts or even wedding centerpiece. Enjoy the detailed way to make it with Michaela.


Hope you enjoy these Mason Jar gift ideas above and we hope we’ve inspired you to find fun and easy things to do with mason jars.

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