When you want to craft something with kids, there’s one magical material that always comes through: paper. Whether it’s construction paper, computer paper, or old newspaper, your art supply drawer isn’t complete without this particular DIY ingredient. That’s why we’ve gathered up 15 ideas that use paper in a many ways, from origami to festive hats.

1. Fork Tulips

Who says your crafty kid needs a brush to paint? This paper art activity celebrates with a paint print and a fringe of green, green, green grass. Learn how to make these oh-so-cute tulips with Growing Up Gabel’s easy to follow how-to.

2. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

Let your kids get their craft on with these fun mosaic paper shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade. Simple paper shamrocks are covered in multi-colored squares for a handmade and unique craft that’s perfect for St. Patty’s.

3. Book Monsters

If you’ve got a budding bookworm in your family, you’ve got to make this adorable project from Easy Peasy and Fun. There’s lots of room for creativity with these since you can add eyes, teeth, horns … the sky’s the limit. To get the instructions, click here.

4. Fireplace Paper Bag

This warm fireplace from Crafts by Amanda is a homey addition to a doll house or a kid’s room to make them feel like real grownups (without the fire hazard, of course!). It will be fun for the little ones to search out sticks in the woods or at your local park for their very own mini fire place! Thanks to Crafts by Amanda for this pretty idea!

5. Holiday Card Bookmarks

Upcycle this year’s holiday cards, turning them into this year’s crafty presents! Follow the directions from Hands On As We Grow and learn how to make these artfully amazing bookmarks. Keep a few of your kiddo’s creations for yourself or give them out as holiday gifts.

6. Picasso-Style Pumpkins

Get creative and mix things up with this Picasso-inspired collage. Your kid can create the perfect plump pumpkin, and then cut it into puzzle-type pieces. Place the rearranged jack o’ lantern on a larger piece of paper, creating a cool collage that looks entirely artsy. Get more artsy, amazing paper ideas for Halloween here.

7. Go Batty

These crafty cardboard and paper bats from Buggy and Buddy are 3D cuties that can hang almost anywhere. Decorate a party table centerpiece with these winged creatures or turn this Halloween craft into a an imaginative accent to your fall foliage or floral arrangement.

8. Modular Bracelets

This is the “coolest idea ever”: origami you can wear! These modular bracelets from Paper Kawaii are so much easy to make and can be made in any color combination or size your kid desire. Click here to see the video tutorial. And if your child likes origami, check out these awesome origami projects for kids.  

9. Stamped Sheep

Make some sweet sheeps with paint, paper and a few of your child’s other favorite art materials. This summer-time craft is perfect for preschoolers. Plus, it’s so easy to adapt to your toddler or grade schooler. Get the step on step on how to get artsy with DIY stamping from Buggy and Buddy.

10. Bunny Hat

This hat craft that you can make anytime of year (not just for Easter!). Directions from our friend Alpha Mom call for scissors, one pink marker, and one paper plate. The site offers other great ideas for paper plat hats like decorative crowns and heart hats so check it out.

11. Dragon D Craft

Teach your preschoolers with this Dragon D craft. This project is designed by Allison at notimeforflahshcards.com, it’s as simple as A-B-C-D to make!

12. Giant Paper Airplane

We love this paper airplane the crafty mom from Fireflies & Mudpies made for only $1! Have the kids decorate the wings before heading outside for an afternoon of flight lessons. See these flyers in action, and learn to make your own here.

13. Simple Apple Tree Craft

This craft includes a little bit of twist and a little bit of curl. And you should remember there are many fruits out there that you can jazz the branches up with. Maybe you can add a bird or a squirrel or two! Check out Creative Jewish Mom for the full tutorial on how to twist, curl, and create this fun paper bag craft.

For more paper bag crafts click here.

14. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

Take to the skies when you engineer flying dragons. To do this simple project, you need paper plates, paints or markers and a template designed by pinkstripeysocks.com. Print, cut, color, play! Like dragons? Check out these other dragon crafts you can make.

15. Origami Transformers

We’re obsessed with these transforming ninja stars from What Do We Do All Day?, and chances are your kids will feel the same way. You’ll first make eight parallelograms into a wheel, then push and pull on the sides to turn it into a star. Click here to get all the details, plus video instructions. Like origami? We’ve got more perfect origami for kids right here.