This article outlines five easy crafts to keep kids busy on a day spent indoors. Each craft requires only items commonly found around the house.

A rainy day can be a long one for parents and kids. It can also be an opportunity for some fun. Children of all ages will enjoy these creative activities and the time spent together will create a lasting memory for everyone.

1. Stained Glass Windows

There are several ways to create “stained glass” window decorations. The simplest is to use markers and color on transparency sheets. Once the ink dries, shapes can be cut out and hung in a window. A second method is to cut pieces of colored cellophane paper or tissue paper and lay them on the sticky side of clear contact paper. Once the design is finished lay another piece of clear contact paper over the artwork to seal everything in place.

2. Decorative Glass Jars

Tissue paper is a handy item for many crafts. In this craft cut pieces of different colors of tissue paper into small shapes. Hold a shape against a glass jar or vase and brush a solution of equal parts white glue and water over the tissue paper. Repeat the process with the other pieces of tissue paper until the jar or vase is covered. Allow the glue to dry. Place a small candle inside the glass jar to view the finished artwork.

3. Cardboard Box Crafts

Gather small empty boxes from the pantry or shoes. Include paper towel rolls, egg cartons, and even aluminum foil. Stack the boxes on top of each other to create a dollhouse. Use masking tape to attach boxes of different shapes and sizes together to create a car or a robot. Gather medium boxes from large toys and the grocery store to decorate as a train or car. Large cardboard boxes from appliances make wonderful space ships, castles or pirate ships. Let them use their imagination to create their own cardboard masterpieces.

4. Write A Book

Encourage children to use their imagination and tell a story. Write it down and create illustrations to go along. Use stickers, paint, markers or crayons as desired to create the illustrations. Staple the pages together to create a book that can be read over and over again. Don’t forget to make a cover out of sheets of card stock paper.

5. Make Puppets

Paper bag puppets are simple to make with a lunch bag and crayons. Once the puppets are made, work together to create a puppet show. Puppets can also be created from paper and Popsickle sticks. The back of a couch can be the stage for the show. Create more puppets as needed.

A rainy day does not need to be a disappointment. Encourage children to use their imaginations and spend an afternoon making memories. They may have so much fun they even ask to make more even when the sun is shining.