You love the blue sea and white waves in vibes and want to feel vitamin sea in your home? Check out here Top 35 Beautiful and Creative Seashell Craft Ideas below!

1. Seashell Decorator Ball

Decor your home in an ocean theme, you never get rid of this original and gorgeous DIY item. Check out how to make Seashell Decorator Ball here

2. Mosaic Tabletop

You will fall in love with this beautiful mosaic table top made by sea glass. The blue sea glass creates an impressive point for your garden table top. Check out the detailed tutorial here

3. Sea Glass And Driftwood Christmas Art

We never get rid of the Christmas symbols: Christmas tree. Renew your Christmas holiday decoration with Sea Glass and Driftwood Christmas Wall Art. The sparkle of blue sea glass, hanging on the living room wall, it would be great ever. Get the detailed instruction here

4. Seashell Wreath

You have no any seashell crafts at your home? Why not this gorgeous seashell wreath? The pure white of seashell will matchy-on-matchy with your elegant theme house. Get the detailed tutorial here.

5. Garden Ornament

Have you had fancy summer days with beach trips? Collecting beautiful sea glasses and decorate your garden with the blue of the beach. Making sea glass flowers by yourself would be interesting ever! Check out the tutorial here

6. Seashell Door Hanger

This elegant seashell door hanger has a little work of art with their swirly shapes and pearly colors. Get the detailed tutorial here

7. Seashell Wind Chimes

Surely you know Seashell Wind Chimes are one of the best seas themed craft ideas ever. Head over Family Education here to get the detailed instruction in how to make Seashell wind chimes.

8. Candle Glass

Renew your scented candles with pearly seashells! Collect seashells and recycle the old glass into the beautiful candle glass. Get the detailed information here

9. Mermaid Spoons

Mermaid spoons are extremely creative craft ideas! Your kids are absolutely excited about these new shape spoons. Sweet Paul Mag will show you how to DIY them here

10. Golden Shell Angels

Your kids collected the beautiful scallops and you wanna make them into useful and fun things! Check out the Golden Shell Angels idea here

11. DIY Oyster Shell Dishes

Don’t throw away oyster shell that you think they’re useless! Check out how to DIY Oyster Shell Dish here

12. Seashell Koala Bears

How cute when decor your kid’s room with these seashell Koala bears! Your kids will be excited about this. Get the tutorial here

13. Seashell Mirror

The perfect cozy home is that when you carefully decor one from the abundant items to the small things. DIY Seashell Mirror that based on your sea-themed home is so beautiful and easy to make. Check out the tutorial here.

14. Seashell Pendant

Do you want to make sea-themed crafts for your little kids easy to make? Using necessary materials and super easy to make, here is show you how to make the cute seashell pendant!

15. Sea Glass Wreath

Highlight your summer outfits with these DIY beautiful sea-themed accessories! Check out how to make sea glass wreath here

16. Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft

DIY meaningful gifts for your friend’s weddings, housewarming, and more! This beach inspired mason jar crafts are wonderful gifts for a beach wedding, Summer tablescape. Check out how to make it here

17. Picture Frame

Forever Wherever will show you how to make this beautiful Picture Frame. With the easy-to-access material and the detailed tutorial, definitely, you found the best way to make your gorgeous shell picture frame.

Helpful tips for you: A large flat surface works better than.

18. Crushed Shell Frame And Candle

How amazing when making a frame and candle embellished with crushed shells by you!! Decor your bathroom with beach themed accessories will be inspired for you. Get the detailed information here

19. Napkin Holders

It’s time to renew the dull things into the more creative and beautiful items! Forgot your boring napkin rings, check out the detailed tutorial on how to make Shell Napkin Holders here.

20. Sea Glass Wind Chimes

Another attractive sea glass wind chimes for your home here. You never can describe how beautiful blue of these sea glasses! These are the best items to decor your home following the beach theme.

21. Shell Candles

How easy to make these cute shell candles! Get the detailed instruction here

22. Shell Stoppers

These shell stoppers look beautiful on an end table or mantle and that’s greater than when made by you! Check out the tutorial here

23. Sea Glass Jewelry

You will never find out anywhere the stunning piece of locally found sea glass with a simple gold tone wire wrap. How gorgeous to make this Sea Glass Jewelry by yourself!! Check out the detailed tutorial here

24. Mosaic Tray

Sometimes your family eats outside, and it’s time these mosaic trays are useful for you! Don’t forget to decorate them with sea glass to your family outside dinners become more delicious and enjoyable than usual! Get the detailed tutorial here.

25. Sea Glass Circle

Marvelously Messy will show you how to make this charming sea glass circle craft! It would be more fun and gorgeous than you think.

26. Beachy Candles

Get the detailed tutorial here

27. Window Well Covering

Get the detailed tutorial here

28. Chargers

Get the detailed tutorial here

29. Shadowbox

Get the detailed tutorial here

30. Shell Rose

Get the detailed tutorial here

31. Sea Glass Planter

Get the detailed tutorial here

32. Fish Magnets

Get the detailed tutorial here

33. Bracelet

Get the detailed tutorial here

34. The Photo On Sea Glass

Get the detailed tutorial here

35. Christmas Ornaments

Get the detailed tutorial here