You can create photo books online and at many stores that offer photo processing services. Photo books look like real books as opposed to traditional photo albums that have individuals slipping pictures into pages of sleeves. Photo books allow you to select (or create) layouts that incorporate pictures and text.

Photo Albums About Children

Idea one, photograph your child’s tests with fantastic grades and artwork and combine with images from school plays, science fairs, special projects, etc. Instead of collecting objects that you may have no way of storing, create a book for each child for each grade. You and your children can work on the photo book during their summer vacation.

Idea two, if you have a child who loves making art, try photographing each piece and then go through your computer’s photo gallery to select the best pieces. These books can become fine art coffee table books to give to grandparents at the holidays or for their birthdays.

Idea three, collect drawings, poems, etc. from each child in your child’s class, photograph each item and each child and combine everything into a photo album for a school-year-end gift to the teacher.

Photo Books For Children

Idea four, create a storybook for your child using photographs of familiar people, places, and things. Create an original Bedtime Story for your child or tell a story from your or a grandparent’s childhood.

Idea five, create an alphabet book to give to a preschooler. Take pictures of items from around the house or your town. Make a book with a special theme, such as nature, food, or toys.

Idea six, make a hidden picture book, along the line of the Where’s Waldo series. Take a toy and set it in different situations with lots of visual interest. On each page, children will look for the ceramic frog, chenille chicken, action figure, etc. This would be a fun project for a parent who travels a lot and has the opportunity to set the object in many different locations.

Albums For Adults

Idea seven, go through photographs of your child as he or she was growing up and create an album that you can give the child before he or she goes off to college.

Idea eight, create a hobby portfolio. Whether your (or a family member’s or friend’s) hobby is model building, cross stitch, gardening, or something else, a photo book portfolio captures images of the individual’s work. Take pictures of a garden throughout the season or photographs of a car or house the individual is restoring.

Idea nine, pull together a hostess gift or housewarming gift featuring images you’ve taken of the individual over the years or of a theme they enjoy and you happen to have taken pictures of throughout your life.

Idea ten, create a vacation photo album with a twist. Like the “hidden item” book suggested for kids, bring along a small item that gets inserted into your pictures. Long story, but a friend vacationed in Costa Rica with a small yellow chick toy that found its way into numerous photos that had everyone who looked at the pictures roaring.

Use these ideas for albums that turn a photo book into something that kids and adults will look at time and again. Depending on where you have the book made and the number of pages in the book, this can be a simple and inexpensive use for photos.


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