Are you looking for creative easy but inexpensive DIY crafts ideas? Why not try Washi Tape Crafts which are fantastic and super easy to make! Never miss top 20 the best creative ways with Washi tape crafts below!

1. YouMini Pallet Coasters

Found something fun and cute with these adorable mini pallet coasters!! It’s super easy to make and ensure you’re interested in how to DIY them!! Check out the detailed tutorial here.

2. Washi Tape Gift Wrap Ideas + Printable Gift Tags

Create something colorful, beautiful, and impressive on holidays with these washi tape gift wrap ideas and printable gift tags!! Your family and friends surely are surprised by your beautiful and fantastic holiday gifts!!! Get the detailed instruction here.

3. Washi Clothespins Fridge Magnets

Washi clothespins are super simple crafts to make!! Forget usual dull clothespins and renew them with pretty washi clothespins fridge magnets! Check out the instruction here.

4. Washi Tape Easy Greeting Card

A DIY versatile greeting card is such an exciting plan for your weekend!! This washi tape greeting card is super simple to make! Get the detailed tutorial here.

5. Washi Flash Card Holder

Your daughter will completely love this pretty washi flash card holder made by you!! It would be fun to DIY an easy flash card holder can contain all the cards! Check out the instruction here.

6. Washi Tape Award Ribbons

These beautiful washi tape award ribbons are an attractive and creative way to celebrate the little things!! Check out how to DIY the cute washi tape award ribbons here.

7. Washi Binder Covers

Make something new for your binder covers with washi tape !! A little colorful, a little cute, washi binder covers are the attractive choice for your dreary days!! Get the detailed tutorial here.

8. Organize Chargers With Washi Tape

Adding a little bit cute for your iPhone chargers by washi tape!! Change the new look for your chargers with the tutorial on how to DIY Organize chargers with washi tape here.

9. Washi Tape Clipboard

Say goodbye your boring clipboard by an exclusive washi tape clipboard to hold the lesson plan or lists, will be handy. Hence, DIY the Washi Tape Clipboard turned out super cute and easy to make ever! Get the detailed tutorial here.

10. Washi Tape Clock

Nothing enjoyable than DIY things that you must use usually!! How about decor your clock by colorful washi tape!! It would be great ever! Super easy to make, you must love them! Check out the tutorial here.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Phone Stand

There’s nothing creative than recycled toilet paper and washi tape to make the phone stand!! The phone stand decorated by washi tape would be adorable and stunning ever! Get the tutorial here.

12. Washi Tea Lights

DIY from the cute mason jar filled with colorful tea lights would be the best gifts for your friends’ wedding!! The mason jar that is never boring anymore with brilliant pattern washi tape! This is the cutest gift ever. Check out the instruction here.

13. Washi Tape Picture Frame

Get the beautiful and quality picture frame from the store may be a bit expensive! Why you not DIY the pretty picture frame by washi tape?! It would be great ever! Not only save your amount of pennies but also be memorial significant! Get the detailed tutorial here.

14. Washi Tape Cereal Box Organizers

One of the necessary items on your table is the box organizer! Adding a bit colorful, a bit pretty, a bit pattern with washi tape!! DIY Washi Tape Cereal Box Organizers is a good idea for your spare time! Get the detailed instruction here.

15. DIY Washi Tape Smash Book

Everyone must have a notebook beside them! To keep your memories, highlights on your daily day! And there’s nothing fantastic than decor the, change their look with washi tape!! Check out how to DIY washi tape smash book here now.

16. Washi Light Switch Cover

Decor tiny things in your home by washi tape crafts would be fun ever! Why not try to change your light switch cover with washi tape? It’s interesting! Check out the tutorial here.

17. Herringbone Cell Phone Cover

Do you always want to change your phone look with phone cover? And you own a dozen of phone covers? Why not made by you a phone cover with washi tape? Check out the tutorial on how to make the herringbone cell phone cover here.

18. DIY Striped Sunglasses

DIY sunglasses used for your summer days would be super fun and interested!! Why not try the exclusive sunglasses version made by you? Check out how to DIY striped sunglasses with washi tape here.

19. Washi Tape Hair Clip

You will have a variety of hair clips by DIY washi tape hair clip here.

20. DIY Decorated pen holders

Make your pen holders new and colorful than ever with pattern washi tape!! Check out how to DIY decorated pen holders here.

We hope these 20 The Best Creative Ways With Washi Tape Crafts will be an inspiration for you to DIY crafts.



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