Recycle is the most concerned problem in the world now! And, don’t throw away tin cans!! You completely upcycle them ingeniously with Top 20 The Best Creative Upcycled Tin Can Crafts Ideas below.

1. Tin Can DIY Lanterns

Tin Can always is the best item to be combined the lighted candles! Make your Valentine night with a bit of romance and significance by decor your romantic dinner with these Tin Can DIY Lanterns. Get more details here.

2. Bunny Planters

Your kids will be super excited about these adorable bunny planters for springtime! Save this DIY Bunny Planter and make it with your kids together. Get the detailed tutorial here.

3. DIY Tin Can Flowers

That’s great to decor your garden with your kids by upcycling useless tin cans!! DIY Tin Can Flowers are the excellent craft ideas! It’s super easy to make, just cut down the sides of the can, open up the flower petals and spray them whatever colors you love. Get more tutorial here.

4. Tin Can Pine Cone Planters

This Tin Can Pinecone Planters Idea is the excellent upcycled idea for you and your kids on the Earth day! It’s adorable and super easy to make also! Get the instruction here.

5. DIY Gift Drums

DIY gift drums are the exclusive craft ideas for your kids! It’s straightforward to make, need some materials:  tin cans, leather, decorative fabric, leather laces, Crop-a-Dile, hot glue gun, and cotton, the cute and fun gift turned out!! Get the detailed tutorial here.

6. Storage Tin Cans

Find new ways to create the old tin cans into beautiful and useful things! You definitely love this delicate storage tin cans ideas! Read the detailed instruction here.

7. Tin Can Lamp

DIY Vintage Tin Can Lamp is the best way to support Earth Day! It’s beneficial and of course, pretty! Read more here.

8. Punched Tin Ornaments

How sweet is wonderful than decorating your Christmas tree with these glow, beautiful punched tin ornaments?! Get the detailed instructions here.

9. Decoupage Tin Cans

Decoupage is lots of fun and allows you to create following your mind! Combined in decoupage and upcycled tin cans are the best craft ideas for you if you love something ingeniously and prettily! Check out more details here.

10. Washi Tape Tin Can Vases

Put the beautiful hydrangea blooms vase in your patio table is appreciated on relaxing days! It’s more significant than when reusing tin cans and upcycle them into the pretty vases! The tin cans were more beautified with a bit of washi tape, check out how to DIY Washi Tape Tin Can Vases here.

11. Tin Can Robot Wind Chime

There’s nothing creative than reusing tin cans to make the robot wind chime! Get the details on how to DIY Tin Can Robot Wind Chime here.

12. Tin Can Silverware Caddy

Only 10 minutes, you totally can upcycle tin cans into useful items! Check out the easy way to make Tin Can Silverware Caddy here.

13. DIY Rotating Tiered Tray Organizer

You can feel mighty proud of your DIY tin cans craft when sitting on your desk all pretty and keeping it neat and organized! Also, surely you will love this rustic rotating three-tiered tray organizer with a bit of vintage! Check out how to DIY Rotating Tiered Tray Organizer here.

14. Tin Can Votive Candles With Letters

How do you think about decor your cozy family dinner with candle holders with letters in the name of your members in your family? Try it now with the instruction to make Tin Can Votive Candles with Letters here

15. Beautiful Tin Can Roses

We can ensure that these beautiful tin can roses are the most gorgeous roses that last forever you can know! Check out the detailed tutorial here

16. Easy Working Grill Out Of A Tin Can

How exciting to grill out with a useless tin can!! Check out how to make an easy working grill out of a tin can here.

17. Hanging Hairbrush Storage

Upcycling tin cans to make the handy hairbrush storage cheap and easy to make!! Check out how to make Hanging hairbrush storage here

18. Tin Can Snowman

Your kids totally can make a snowman without snow!! Upcycled tin can snowman is the good craft idea you can try. Get the detailed instruction here

19. Tin Can Christmas Tree

The exciting and funny idea you and your kids can try on Christmas holidays!! Get the tutorial here

20. Upcycled Tin Can Jewelry Box

Anyone also couldn’t believe that this pretty little box is a recycled tin can! This craft idea is a typical example of how we can use useless things to create something gorgeous that also makes an excellent and useful gift! Get the detailed instruction here.

We hope that these Top 20 The Best Creative Upcycled Tin Can Crafts Ideas can give you an inspiration to DIY items that are handy for you.